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Yemily Releases A Heartfelt "Blue Ballerina" EP

If you dig a little bit on Yemily (Emily Moreno), you'll find everything from live ballad performances to theatrical one offs on her Youtube channel. SHe's been trained in several genres of singing but hasn't released anything of her own since "Goodbye", a single she put out a few months back. Until now that is. With the "Blue Ballerina" EP Yemily shows a variety of heartfelt and swooning songwriting, some with an alternative edge, some like a poetic diary entry, but all hit the mark.
All the songs focus on piano but one of our favorites of the 5 song group is called "Bite Marks". This song is a duet of sorts and sounds almost like it's straight from a play. Allowing you to visualize everything clearly, Yemily paints a picture of youth and the mass of emotion it comes with. "Blue Ballerina" comes through shining. 


Alien Neighborhood Is Grunge With Heart

Solo project Alien Neighborhood creates pounding drums, driving guitars, and loose yet catchy singing with the Walk Into The Fire EP. You really wouldn't know it was a solo project at all. The sound even plays off almost like seeing a band live. High focused energy and a certain rawness that plays through each track gets you latched on to these quickly. Alien Neighborhood is bringing grunge back in a big way !


A fresh new release from singer-songwriter alt pop artist Matt Himmelstein touches on classic rock elements and crosses it with a slight alternative tone. A deepening song that grows brings  a certain level of honesty and twins it with orchestrated progressions that make this song feel like it should be in a film. A personal track with a swelling percussion and a chorus that sticks with you very well. One of the great things about this track is that you want to replay it again as soon as it ends. This seems like a new step for Himmelstein as the track is a bit of  a far cry from his previous work being much heavier rock. A moving trackwell built from the songwriter. 


Drew Keenan Tingles the Alternative senses with "Sweet Cherry"

"Sweet Cherry" is just one of many semi-vintage style alternative garage rock  songs from Drew Keenan's Monachopsis album. Recorded and written by just one man, the record features some outlandishly catchy rock songs and it feels good for summer time all the way through. Most songs have the ability to sway you to keep listening and the almost lo-fi sound hits pretty much perfectly. Working with his home recording set up, Drew Keenan has really taken strides with this brand of rock song and cleary shows a definitive alt rock masterpiece with this effort. 

SUNWEIGHT and the "Feral" EP

Featured band Sunweight is a culmination of about 7 different forms of rock rolled up into one big beautiful rock burrito. These guys manage to take some really cool ideas and churn them out into solid alternative songs. They also go ahead and lay on the effects while doing so. 
It's somewhat safe to say this is something a little different. The Stand out song from their "Feral" EP is a single called "Birth". A steadily splendid and pop permeated song, "Birth" is an example  of how Sunweight has a songwriting design that gives you waves of musical pleasure. 
This band has a cultured sound bringing a few decades of rock together to produce their staple feel. Other songs we love include "Jesus Christ Jr." and "Riding The Sun".  Listen to Feral by Sunweight


Ram Hoss is Boss

The "Ariana Grande" single from Ram Hoss delivers loads of swagger and unforgettable acoustic style. Bordering on a loose blues feel, the song gifts your ears with something terrifically enjoyable. It's not just about the singing or the guitar, it's about the song as a whole. 
One of the best things about Ram Hoss is the sheer fact that if you like even one single song, you're bound to love almost everything this guys has released. And there is a damn full catalog of records released. 
We'd say take a trip with Ram Hoss and spend a good day checking him out. In the end you'll have a great many new favorites. 


New Indie Rock by Chase Tremaine

A fresh batch of indie rock released from Chase Tremaine gives us a taste of what youthful rock is going to become. Blending several great styles together, Tremaine holds nothing back with the Unfall record. Based on seriously fun guitar playing and lyrically personal standpoints, Tremaine doesn't let down as you dig into this album.
Songs feel like they tie into each other as they keep surprising by bringing something a little different each time.
Although "indie rock" is a broad term, we call it that to  make things easier. In truth the record crunches together several styles of rock. But you'll  need to hear that for yourself. 


Features artist Cameron Lane

Indie Pop performer Cameron Lane is not only known for her original songs like "Stupid Happy", her newest single, but also for her YouTube videos covering popular songs in her own fashion. Watching these videos shows her raw talent for creating her own unique style. Take a look at her YOUTUBE CHANNEL. 


A new album dropped from Albuquerque based rock band The Ordinary Things has paved the way for the band to start making waves in the rock scene. Most songs are emotionally driven indie rock that gives the feel of a rock from decades passed and twisting into a current style and an unending catchiness. The songs each have a bit of a life on their own but it all plays together seamlessly as a whole. Though there are plenty of great alternative rock tracks like the albums opener "Stories" (also the title of the album), finding yourself replaying songs like cinematic and deep rooted "Mighty Hand" is something will happen quickly. Even "Earthing" that turns punk rock will shine some light on what this band has to offer. You get the idea right? The songs take you In different paths musically and tie together lyrically quite well.


O'Ivy teases their new album with their ever catchy rock track that's sure to have you start dancing where you stand. Seriously you won't be able to not move. "Be Alright" is most certainly a radio friendly banger. Getting sucked into the songs lively pop vocals and bopping along with its endless pseudo surf vibes is a great time. The hook hits you right up front and doesn't let down. A prefect track to grab a drink and jump around to, "Be Alright" is a great start for O'Ivy who is aiming to release their full album later this year. 


Progressive Emo Rock With Don't Call Me Shirley

With two songs set to be released later this month, Don't Call Me Shirley is paving the way for their own brand of progressive emo rock. These songs are woven together with great detail and play out like a double feature at a movie theater. Powerful and precisely produced the first single "Tired" breaks through swaying from alternative rock to experimental pysch-rock while holding tight to it's ever bountiful story telling backbone. "Ashes" follows it up with a trippy rock ride still remaining truthful in lyrics and edgy in tone. This release is an absolute killer as far as avantgarde rock goes  and it's early release is available on bandcamp right now. 


The Lowsiders Drop Their "Can't Stop The World From Spinning" LP  

The Lowsiders may be new to the rock scene but it hasn't stopped them from paving a path for themselves. The LP release dropped recently titled "Can't Stop The World From Spinning" is an extremely fun and solid set of tracks that formulate a cool cross over style of rock while holding steady to the alternative foundation they've created. Some boisterous guitars and a singer with a hell of a set of pipes on him along with drums that never lose vigor and clever bass parts make The Lowsiders is a well built rock machine and still with actual life and swagger in the songs. That's exactly what this LP is; Swagger Rock. If it hasn't existed before, it does now with The Lowsiders. Undeniably enjoyable Rock N' Roll.


Mindwipes Create Psychedelic Indie Rock 

The Mindwipes have churned out a adventurous and endlessly fun indie rock album entitled Out Of The Ordinary. It would seem it's not just a clever title. The album stands almost like an 8 course meal and each serving has it's own flavor pallet complimentary of the one before and after. Vocals are always sung with style. A sly coolness with a high end quality to it. The band projects a mature but still youthful energy and the musicianship is never lacking. Fueled by the influences of several eras of rock music, Mindwipes embodies todays real deal rock and most of it is easy to dance to. Yes, that's a big plus. Overall the album has a certain shine to it without losing the almost garage rock feel. This group pulls of a lot on this album and when you play it, play it loud.


Buddy Won't Tell  

Buddy Won't Tell displays what can only be explained as something almost like musical culture shock. The songwriting rivers run strong with paths straying in and out of new styles on the But God I Love The Game EP. As with any really good EP, there are songs that are just good. Very good. And with any good EP, there is one song that justifies an advancing of an artist into a new phase. For this EP, that song is called "My Small Love". If you want to know exactly what we mean when we say 'culture shock', open your ears to this tune. It'll take you for a ride you weren't sure you were ready for. Pop - Alternative wit, Dubstep, and folk are among the things heard on the EP and it's performed with a certain sharpness and fine tuning in song recording rarely heard. If you think you've heard it all when it comes to pop, just watch your cookie crumble. 


Deja Who takes on Alternative Rock with New Single 

Alt Rock outfit Deja Who breathes some new life into genuine alternative rock with the artful and gutsy "This Far Along" single release. The song creates a bubble of comfort for the listener and hits it hard when the chorus arrives at just the right time. The song is easy to dig into as it's lyrically and vocally driven style latches on to the listener. This track takes you everywhere you want it to go before you realize it and has already gained the attention of new fans everywhere. The slightly emo edged sound is a perfect fit in today's underground rock scene and scores a strong 8 out of 10 on the rock scale. Keeping a close look out for more from Deja Who


The Byways Drop Their "Something To Prove" EPNew York based indie pop rock out fit The Byways just dropped their new EP dubbed "Something To Prove" and it's packed with varying styles of songwriting all built from a rock and pop foundation. Though all four songs on the release are quite notable, the main song of focus "Believe In Me" is a shining example of clean addictive pop music. Focusing on struggles anyone can understand, the song features some soulful guitar work and loads of vocal harmonies brightly woven together as a polished lining for the song. The entire  EP is an outspoken powerhouse of driving tracks. You can catch the video for another great track from the EP called "How Did We Get Here" at Youtube.
To really dig into the record and the band check out their website.
These guys are a band to take note of! 


Nico Maddox Drops His Pop Fueled "Tired Of Thinking" EP

"Tired of Thinking" is a multitude of pop styles including indie pop but the foundation feels like its all rock n' roll. The EP does rock in a Ramones / Pixies sort of way. It's invasively catching and gets your blood pumping while delivering classic choruses and raw guitar sounds. Perhaps the most notable song is "Heart" as it epitomizes what Maddox is all about with his rock style. "I'll Take The Blame" is also incredibly notable as it's tough to beat the undeniable pop power overflowing from its existence. Maddox holds nothing back with this release and we  can only hope for more of the same in the future from the young songwriter.


Sugar Lunch Releases Alt Rock And Pop Cross Over 

Sometimes pushing the envelope is what needs to happen when it comes to music. There can be a number of different ways to do such a thing but it's not always executed the right way. In the case of Sugar Lunch, this is exactly the opposite. The "Ticks" EP by Sugar Lunch is a little delightfully twisted, but hovers somewhere between indie pop and alternative rock. Beckoning sounds we know and love and blending them brightly into others is the premise of this release and its resonance feels warm and likeable. The two most notable songs are "Luv", a song that sounds like a cross between a lost Pavement song and early 2000's acoustic rock radio songs. The other is "Upholstery" which is more an alternative rock-ish vibe but ever so slightly brought into today's indie pop domain.


Wes Hampson Releases Uncertainty LP

Songwriter Wes Hampson seems to have brought a proverbial ton of rock influence to the making of his debut LP Uncertainty. Though the LP is mostly acoustic based, it still rocks damn well in all it's alternative glory. Bright and robust, there was obviously much intricacy and thought that went into this. Elements of bands like Alice In chains, Nirvana, and other incredible acts were sewn into the songs tastefully and it all proves to be a recipe for something special. There is a flow the LP has that also works well and this record is a good time all around. Notable songs include: "Wander", "Temptation", "...And That's All She Wrote". 


Uh Oh And The Oh Wells Drop Their Full Length Classic Rock LP

The Washington based classic/indie rock Uh Oh and The Oh Wells just dropped their LP smoothly blending classic rock with indie rock and plenty more in between. The 12 song LP is a crash course in all things rock, soul, and singer songwriter as it creates and puts forth more than a few radio friendly tracks for multiple generations of rock fans. The feel of the LP is performed with a grace and ease and manifests a bubble around the listener from start to finish. Vocally there is an eagerness to please the southern soul and a musical power in it's instrumental counterparts. The type of band that just wouldn't be the same with out every little aspect of every instrument being played the way it's played. Notable songs are  "Where's  The Door", "Late or Never", and  "Brain Dead" amongst others. Covering the many styles of the rock arena, Uh Oh and the Oh Wells does it right. 


The Glotis Album

Solo pop artist Glotis just dropped his self titled LP and it's a deep dive into pop on it's own terms. A mind-bender of an endeavor, this release puts a ton of attainment towards two huge factors. Vocals first of all. The vocals on the release are just marvelous. There is a generous level of passion and detail that went into the singing on this neo-alternative-pop punch to the gut. The second factor is production. A gorgeous cross fade of styles and sounds really fit together like puzzle pieces and there was a wealth of energy put into the post production of the whole thing. Most of all is the fun. The record is pure entertainment. Notable songs include: "Lola", "Crick", "A Shiver Gone Astray". 


Flower Church Drops Their Pretend LP

Front woman and songwriter Alex Lockheart drives Flower Church and dropped the bands first full length LP entitled Pretend. A garage pop record with a lot going on between its 9 track life span. Without holding back, Lockheart touches on topics that at times can only be expressed through song. A raw and energetic effort keeping melody and passion on the forefront, the LP gets both gloomy and fun, all with a grit and style that becomes a major part of their sound. Notable songs like "Reality's Reverie" keeps things boundless and shines through as something of an existential pop ballad. "Infectious" is more an alternative rock track with sultry vocal parts and while it's heavy, it also  keeps calm somehow. Other notable tracks include "Born A Burden" and "Imaginary Audience". 


Joe Mysterio's Self Titled EP Release

Joe Mysterio just dropped his self titled EP consisting of 3 top notch variations of his particular brand of rock music. No songs sound the same but somehow have the same vibe going for them as Mysterio puts his focus on the head bopping pop grooves. Heavy pushes towards alternative rock break through nicely. With a small group of catchy songs, there is one that really takes the cake. A track called "Tricks" is an unstoppable dance rock track that sinks in fast and serves as a great track to wake up and get going to. Offering more forms of rock, Joe Mysterio has something good going. 


Electrofolk with Calathea

Calathea has dropped a new EP dubbed "Desiderium", a sublime and ambitious display of electro folk and more. The songs on this EP are free to be what they want and quickly implant a stronghold of pop variations with an all around tasteful songwriting style. Bouncing from acoustic songwriter to synth-pop, there's never a dull moment with this one as each song builds upon a great and emotional foundation. Creating music to express feelings as a reaction from what life dishes out is what this EP is about. Or at least what it feels like it's about. A delightful and sometimes dark way to fill your pop appetite, "Desiderium" is a statement for indie pop artists of today's world. Notable song is "Vessel Walls".


The Metal Byrds Take On The Rock Arena

It seems The Metal Byrds are consistently pushing out singles through out the course of the past few years, (along with a few bigger additions) and with each they evolve their sound without moving away from their incredibly solid rock roots. The latest is "Dark Highway". This songs gets better with each listen and that's a gift to Rock N' Roll. Kicking things off with some stylish and fun guitars and launching into the song giving off a classic Ozzy Osbourne feel. Female fronted attitude laden singing into an outrageous chorus and flows into some real deal guitar solos.  Another song of note is "Magik", a single released by the band previous to "Dark Highway". "Magik" is also complete dynamo of a rock song. All in all The Metal  Byrds sure tear it up and with ease. Check out "Dark  Highway" on Spotify and Bandcamp now.  


The Deepening Experimental Rock of Sam Janesko

Sam Janesko is a songwriter at heart. His Revolving Man EP is made up of a boisterous combination of over dubbed guitars and clean singing. Produced, written and recorded by Janesko, this record gives a great clarity on how solo artists can achieve massive sounds all by themselves. And sometimes, that may be better. The record opens up with the swirly rock of "Breakthrough". The song brings a lot of what's to come on the release. "Gosta Hosta" comes next and starts in on the experimental side of things. Wonderful guitars are scattered about the track and really fill the space. Next is "The Mouse's Tail", a song that reverses into existence and keeps your attention with it's dissonant pop rock elements. "Po Mo Pie" may be the most fall into a deep trip in the desert sort of track. Neil Young might love this one if he heard it. Then there's the final send off  "Metamorphic" which takes a sharp right into synth-wave. A perfectly vintage sound and still works with the EP somehow. A release well worth a spin! 


Anson Jones Steps it up with his Wait & Wait EP Release

Pop songwriter Anson Jones just dropped his self produced EP Wait & Wait. Within the release it's clear to see he's a contender with the heavy hitters of the genre. The radio pop stylings of Anson's songwriting shows there is a real love behind doing what he does. With another EP on the horizon already, the artist is keeping up his chops and doing it all well. The Wait & Wait release is up on all streaming platforms but if you want to learn more about him go to where you can dig in a little more. Pop fans will enjoy these songs and get hooked on the sound. 


The Show You EP Release From Freddy Gonzalez

Songwriter and vocalist Freddy Gonzalez and his brother producer SamUiLL have been sharing their musical passion with the Show You EP. Aptly titled, the EP does indeed show us a superb pop release that propels from indie pop to radio pop with ease. Songs suitable for mainstream and underground pop enthusiasts, the EP is based on an instinctual need to express what's felt beneath the surface. Balancing between sadness and hopefulness, everything you hear is coming from someplace very actual. And it's all done with attitude. Sleek and  lustrous from start to finish all the songs on the release are as strong as the last. "Ballin Out Here" is something of an welcoming to the  record and is one of the stronger singles. Again, all these songs are notable and click together extremely well. 


The Summit gets extra with their Def Cat LP release

The Summit's new "Def Cat" LP release crushes a multitude of pop in a variety of well sustained genres. Kicking things off is "uNi", a song laced with style and instruments. Horns, keys, synths, guitars, and more can be heard in this introduction to what lays ahead. "Two Way Avenue" is completely fun and progressive song infusing some great influence of classic rock bands at once. "Crazy for Life" seems almost like an 80's soundtrack until exploding into a pop rock song with pounding drumming and orchestral back up vocals. "Mizzer" gets funky and jazzy while still remaining ferociously poppy. "The Shelf", one of their singles from the release, is very Simon and Garfunkel in the most genuine way. "Beachside Girl" lets you sink into your seat and relax in true easy listening style. "The Red Sea" gets back to that classic rock mind set with its acoustic based guitars and wind instruments. "Your Gold Ain't Super" draws you in with it's bassline and sly feeling tones. "A Disappointing Funk Dog" gets a little Beach Boys vocally and shows off some excellent guitar chops. The Def Cat LP is completely overloaded with outstanding musicianship and shows a great future for today's youth in music. 


W/Child takes grunge rock into their own hands

Calling Minneapolis based band W/Child 'grunge' would be just plain wrong. Female fronted, vocally profound, and musically edgy can all be a good start. W/Child takes attributes from riot rock, alternative pop, and a few more styles in there. The record is alive with cavernous dungeon rock styles and yet somehow manages to pull off quite the assemblage of pop songs at their core. "Scrapes While It Hugs" scores big points with intense catchiness both vocally and musically. The EP (self titled) flows through and through with a biting passion. The first track entitled "Innocent" shows the staple sound of the group well and gets you reeled in. An aggressive new rock record all in all. 


Broke Body's cool rock with "Cold Hands"

The "Cold Hands" single from Philadelphia natives Broke Body sounds like a super cool indie rock song dipped in pop and laced with a little surf rock below the surface. And 'below the surface' seems to be an appropriate term seeing that the massively desirable single is also about death and the ring of emotions it comes with. "Cold hands" along with the rest of the Bleed EP show a somewhat youthful maturity in pop rock songwriting. Most songs are just as fun as the next and each one comes with something unique to it's own personality. Broke Body is an up and coming band you should know more about.


A House Safe For Tigers "Space Between" LP

Buffalo based indie rock band A House Safe For Tigers recently dropped their second full LP and it turned out to be a tremendous and intricately entwined piece of work. Tracks like "Constellations" are dream-esque and  flowy. Strings add a wonderous and affable sound while the song remains a  gorgeous pop soundscape. "Left and Right Angles"  for  example keep true to that dream rock sound while "Shelf Life" gets a little Pink Floyd with slightly somber but catchy attributes. Then, of course there is "Bumblebee", the very first track on the LP. Gripping vocals and spacey guitars give way to an outstanding chorus and leads straight into instrumental lines that turn out to be just as catchy as the chorus was. "Windsor Ave." takes on a bit more of a garage rock style and still not astray from the sound of the rest of the record. These songs all have a bit of a life of their own and still come together to make a whole effortlessly. Indulge in this show of rock maturity when you can. 


Graveyard Of The Atlantic (G.O.T.A.), recently dropped their debut EP "Panic Room" and it lays out an enormous spread of ambient hard rock soundscape. The EP begins with "Surrender", an ever growing an incessantly addictive alternative rock song with all the bells and whistles to get you jonesing for more. From there "The Wolf" gets you unanchored with it's guitar line and lyrics that start with "last night I had a dream", and that's what it feels like. The song feels like a dream from the get go. Then comes the title track "Panic Room". The song rocks but continues into the dream like state with watery guitars and vocals that show the bands knack for writing catchy sections that still can remain on the gloomy side. Experimental guitar segments and a huge sound. Next comes "Bully" and the theme of the EP is set in stone as the intro sweeps through as guitars give ambience until the chorus kicks in and those vocals take over in that part of your brain that leaves you in a slight awe as if you're not sure what just happened. An outstanding song. Then is "Point/Counterpoint" which starts in harder than the others and gets dreamy later. This one feels like a single and shows some pop punk influence. Finally there is the final song "Pony" and it does indeed play off like the final act of a theatrical performance. The EP is a great show of a deeper side of rock. One that, from start to finish, is some intense and well thought out songs. 


Coldswell Drops "Void Calls" Album

"Void Calls" is first full length LP released by Cleveland alternative rock band Coldswell. Wavering between the lines of metal, hard rock, and emo rock, the album has been a long time in the waits for Coldswell. Dropping several EP's and singles before, the "Void Calls" LP is a culmination of what they've built everything up to. Made up of slamming guitars and anthemic chorus lines, the LP offers up some pretty indelible songs appealing to alternative rock followers. While there are a cluster of singles lining the album, it's best listened to as a whole. It is out on vinyl on the bands website for those collectors and real music appreciators out there. It looks like writing songs and dropping a steady catalog over the past 4 years have given Coldswell a well deserved name for themselves. Grab a copy of Void Calls on their site or take a gander on SpotifyBandcamp, or AppleMusic


Follow the Lanterns Of Hope

Lanterns Of Hope recently dropped a huge album and if you love neo-folk and indie rock with some emotion, this one is for you. The album is titled "Upward Over" is made up of a series of powerful and moving folk songs that get you thinking. Especially a track called "There Was This Girl". Obviously relatable but also really pristinely put together and not lacking any emotional value. It's all there and it's just one of many songs on the album that makes you want to hear more and more. It's a good thing there are enough songs to satisfy not only a folk but an indie rock pallet as well. Songs are descriptive and visually enticing to the imagination. Follow the Lanterns Of Hope, there is a message in the music. 


The Sounds Of One Man Band Voices Below

Masterminded by one man, Voices Below is a project from singer, guitarist, and producer Mike Goldberg. This is an electronic-rock concept record and well though out. Songs either swarm in at you getting you pulled in by guitar parts and electronic synthesizers, or crawl slowly into your brain. Lyrically it seems the songs touch on a deep murkiness with detail and at times and musically go from a edgy rock feel, to a cinescape of digital pop. The record is dubbed "Stories By The Lake" and rightfully so. Production wise, this was bright while being musically dark. A very large musical entity, "Stories By The Lake" is some excellent work impressively starting from one mind, and ending in your ears. 


Chad Johnson's Over Cast & More

Chad Johnson's Over Cast EP is some very well put together indie -pop with out question. The release feels longer than it actually is and that's a good thing. With tracks like "Steam" and "Real" it's absolutely going to fill your synth minded indie -pop pallet. However, upon a deeper look into his material, you can hear a lot more synth-wave, future pop, and even jazz oriented music. Both vocal and instrumental. The series of albums are called the "Red Bomber Man" volumes. There are 3 of them and they are great too chillax too for a night off. You can find his catalog on spotify.

Groove on with Chad Johnson !  


Get Moody With Modern Water

Alt-pop duo Modern Water just dropped a full length LP "A Light In The Uncanny Valley". The LP takes you through a ride of moody pop songs with a taste of indie rock evenly sprinkled on top. 

Arlen Brown and Jesse Kennedy are responsible for this release and the two have managed to put something special together. Working with each other for a long time, the songs begin as jam sessions and once the idea is there, they take it to the next level. 

Everything said and done, the LP will make you feel good. Top songs include "Above The Haze", "Lamp Light", and "Cool My Blood, Warm My Heart, Slow My Mind". 


Weekend Weather Rocks with new album Bomb Cyclone

Weekend Weather definitely tells some stories with their Bomb Cyclone album release. Packed with catchy vocals, and a very indie rock style of song writing. The songs supply a great pop feel and the album rocks. The more you listen, the more you feel like maybe these guys must be a great live band as well. 

With focus on indelible choruses and musical hooks, Bomb Cyclone most likely has a  little something for everyone. Guided by vocalist and songwriter known only as Johnny D, the band has performed around Colorado for years and don't plan to stop soon. 

Several singles  emerged from the release and they all show different sides to the band. Notable songs include "Lie To Me", "Honestly" and "Terry Lake" among others. 

Have a good listen to Bomb Cyclone


Ryan Frazho's Solo Rock N' Roll

One man band Ryan Frazho has put out an album called Love Bug Time Machine and it rocks ! The album has more  than a few catchy tunes including "In The End". The full record has about 10 tracks and a lot of it is fun alternative rock with musicianship and song writing that shows experience, maturity and still a youthful energy. 

Everything you hear on the Love Bug Time Machine album is written and mostly performed and recorded by Ryan and there was a lot of love that went into it. Songs mostly come off full and satisfying. 

Ryan Frazho took his time with this one and it shows. Listen to the "Santa Cruz Blues" single and see if you end up chanting "Fell in love with a girl like you" over and over in your head. Bet it will happen. Excellent straight Rock N' Roll record here ! 


A Healthy Dose of Metal With Holmstrum

Holmstrum serves up some pulse pounding metal in their While We Were Distant EP. Hardcore breakdowns, catchy riffs, and full throttle drummer and bassist along with guitars blasting sounds you can't forget, the EP is tied together with their lead vocalists memorable lines. Singer Kody Henry along with guitarist Alex Martinez, drummer Aaron Centeno, and bassist Landon Matson come together naturally and the songs are fluent and powerful through and through.

"Skinned Doll" crushes with it's screamo attack and combines it with a solid chorus and destructive guitars giving a sound reminiscent of bands like The Deftones and Smashing Pumpkins. With a pressure point at its ultra heavy climax.