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DRIFE "Leave it all Behind" . PHOENIX feedback

DRIFE - ALT POP-ROCK - Luxembourg

We want to gain not only new listeners, but also new fans and a broader audience. Our music is strongly influenced by British rock bands from the 90s and 00s and our songs usually express very positive and encouraging messages.

Good evening DRIFE, thank you for giving me your beautiful song "Leave It All Behind". Beautiful song yes, as well for the music as well for your voice soft and technically excellent.
Besides that I agree with you about the fact it's always better, even if not ever easy, to leave behind our back our sorrows and pains because to keep all bad things and feelings inside is never good for the mental health and for the relationships with others.
About your song strictly speaking, first time it came to my ears I found it somehow similar to the Green Day or Coldplay's styles and when I carefully listened again to "Leave It All Behind" I definitively had this feeling, which is not a flaw and a reproach, on the contrary.
To be honest I was a bit disappointed or more exactly frustrated to be only able to check this song of you because I'd be very interested in hearing other ones, even if "Leave It All Behind" is an excellent Pop-Rock song with a very nice melody.
That's why I thank you for having sent me recently a private list of songs and among all the 9 songs there is one in my opinion that is a masterpiece of the genre and its name is "That Feeling". Voice, melody and rhythm are very high level. I also enjoyed listening to "Matter Now".

Feedback written by PHOENIX on May 7th, 2020.

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SPACECARGO "Space Terminus " . PHOENIX feedback

SPACECARGO - Electronic Ambient Shoegaze - Ireland

An upbeat and dynamic opener, first single, kicking off the album "Hexagon" on a positive note. A road trip song, inspired by the artist personal life, relocating from San Francisco to Los Angeles from the album Hexagon Sylvain Doreau: Guitars, Bass, Synths & beats
Spacecargo est un projet musical et visuel solo du producteur et musicien Franco-Américain Sylvain Doreau. Sylvain qui est originaire de Paris, a passé plus de 20 ans en Californie pour y travailler dans le cinema et les jeux videos, avant de s'installer a Dublin en 2018 pour pour poursuivre l'aventure. Spacecargo est une fusion entre un style post rock tres cinematique basé sur des guitares atmosphériques, des nappes de synthétiseurs, et des elements plus électronique dérivant vers l'ambient, le psychédélique, le post punk, l'indus et le shoe gaze. Sylvain produit et réalise aussi toutes les videos de Spacecargo.

Hi Spacecargo (Sylvain Doreau) and thanks really for sending me your beautiful Ambient Shoegaze track "Pacific Terminus" that should send most listeners in a trip to the stars.
I see that you lived and worked for 20 years in California before going in Dublin and that's amazing because, as a French-American artist, I guess you gathered the best French and American experience for creating your own style that is very well expressed in "Pacific Terminus" as well as in some other excellent tracks like "Supernova Fireworks" or "Night Shift" that I had the pleasure to hear also. Listening to "Pacific Terminus" reminded me of some renowed tracks by the best internationally Shoegaze bands of the years 1980-90 like Slowdive ("Golden Hair", "Machine Gun", "Souvlaki Space Station"), Chapterhouse ("Mesmerize", "Pearl") or somehow also Spacemen 3 ("Big City") and Sonic Boom ("Just Imagine"). I enjoyed listening to "Pacific Terminus" and some other tracks I discovered from you and I decided to subscribe to your network (facebook, youtube, soundcloud), especially since I noticed that you have not many views and listeners while you deserve to be more known because your music and atmosphere are very special and bewitching. Finally I find very interesting that you also create atmospheric music for soundtracks as I also used such music (especially German one) for my short films and clips.

Feedback written by PHOENIX on April 17th, 2020.

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ZILVERBACKS "Breakthrough " . PHOENIX feedback

ZILVERBACKS - Alt Experimental Punk-Rock - United Kingdom

Zilverbacks reveals a haunting and often challenging ride with vibrant layers of guitars, offset against a throaty and coarse vocal delivery; drawing comparisons to an early King Krule. The latest single ‘Breakthrough" sounds like a Clean Cut Kid record but with more punch, accompanied by lead vocalist Chris Harris distinct vocal tone. The boldness and sense of spirit only serves to add to Zilverback’s personality, a personable and genuine musician who sings with raw emotion.
With 10 tracks to be released, the stereo mix leans more onto grunge than indie-rock, while the sonic landscape created by multi-instrumentalist Harris almost crosses into the realm of confrontation. The lyricism follows the solum themes of loss, love and insanity set against the backdrop of a beautifully organic and robust instrumental.
Unable to read music and with no formal musical education under his belt, the task of producing the entirety of the album in his bedroom would have seemed almost impossible, however within just half a year he has created a diversely powerful collection of evocative lyrics and eclectic sounds that have made many pay attention to his musicianship and songwriting abilities. Without the aid of any professional studio equipment, his portfolio must be considered an impressive body of work at the least.

Hi Zilverbacks !

Thanks for having sent me your awesome Punk-rock song "Breakthrough" that I really enjoyed, not only because I do like Punk-rock style and not only because I already have the pleasure and honor to help to promote and distribute another great Psychedelic Punk-rock band from London named
The Buddha Pests, but also because you have your own style and your style is very specific and unique, even if I can find some influences by some Psychedelic English bands like The Spacemen 3 "Big City" that I liked to airplay when I was a radio chronicler in the first French free radio station while student.

But maybe the band which is very close to you in my opinion is one of my preferred Psychedelic Punk-rock band from Manchester named The Fall and I remember especially "Wings", "Hit the North" and "Victoria".
Zilverbacks have this crazy side that mades the specificity in the English Punk-rock bands and it's enjoyable.

I had time to check some other of your songs and I enjoyed listening to "Prick & the Princess" and "Real Lies" which are in my opinion 2 masterpieces of the genre. "Ulitmatum" is a great song too.

Besides a very professional music with excellent guitar and drums, the leader-singer Chris Harris has got a real exceptional and unique voice and I want to tell that.

Zilverbacks is a sophysticated band with an unique sound and voice that deserves to be renowed.

Feedback written by PHOENIX on March 23th, 2020.

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TOO LATE FOR HOPE "Héritage " . PHOENIX feedback

TOO LATE FOR HOPE Alt-Rock, Post-punk, Post-rock - France

Hi Too Late For Hope and thanks for having sent me "Héritage" as your campaign music. I'm French like you but if you wish me to write in English I'm not against.

I was very surprised and interested to discover your single "Héritage", from your album "Sortir Du Chaos" and I just can say that I do loved listening and listening again your song which is very heavy and desperate yes but also that represents a hope (even if your artist name is "Too Late For Hope") for people, especially children who will come.

Besides the quality of your song where strong and lucid lyrics fit very well a heavy beat and deep drum rhythm with throbbing guitar sound, I was very touched by the message inside and I can't imagine you are not believer because you clearly talk about our earth and world as the lost paradise when everything was shared between everyone, especially when we see that so many areas in the world and so many people want now to take charge of their destiny and their happiness.

May I classify your style in the Gothic style ? I think you're very close to Gothic movement because most of bands and artists belonging to this movement find their inspiration in the thema of chaos and how to avoid chaos. Even if you really have your own style, I think you may be influenced by the great French singer songwriter Dominique A and also the not less renowed Daniel Darc (ex- leader singer of the French band Taxi Girl) when he made his solo career.

I noticed, at the midle of the song, a terrific (but true) sentence showing how, unfortunately, a beautiful world originally created is been destroyed by evil and selfish people believing in money like their only god. That sentence says, in French original language "L'homme est un parasite patenté, un rapace assumé, un assassin en liberté fossoyeur de sa propre humanité". So many leaders should think of these words... I also liked, at the end of the song, the way you mix your voice (to let hear only some key words (in French) like "Autodestruction assumée", "manipulation frénétique", "désinformation organisée", "opposition muselée", "organisation du pillage", "systématisation du carnage", "consommation surmultipliée", "gaspillage institué", "catastrophe climatique" which are powerful and clever words and of course not politically correct and that's why they are so clever and true. Congrats for your courage to tell your thoughts. "Héritage" gives without any doubt the desire to know your full album and I'll have pleasure to check it as soon as I can.

And now some French words : Phoenix te souhaite le meilleur succès et te félicite pour ton excellente chanson et ton superbe album fait "à la maison" !

Feedback written by PHOENIX on March 10th, 2020.

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O'FALCO "Asia " . PHOENIX feedback

O'FALCO - Future Electro, Deep House, Electro swing - France

Discover O'FALCO ! O'FALCO learned many years classical music in the conservatory and got inspired by it during his compositions. In his first instrumental electro/project "Continents" and "The Senses" we can hear the mixture between the electronic, the pop, the house, world music and of course the classical music. Every track of his project represents a continent "Asia", "Europe", "America", "Africa", "Australia" and a bonus track "Antarctica" or represents a sense . Each of one of them is unique and tell us a different "story" that O'FALCO is delivering us. "I want you to dance, to run, to chill, to sleep, to create, to love, to close your eyes and let the music touch your emotions ", O'FALCO tell us after his concert in madrid on January 2020.

I was very interested in receiving O'FALCO's music campaign under the form of the track "Asia", a beautiful soft and virtuoso Electronic and classical track, I say classical because O'Falco comes from classical music and that's why all his tracks are so perfectly harmonius.

Talking about the thema, "Asia" is with "Africa", "America", Europa" (more heavy, dark and deep track, like is Europe now...), "Australia" and "Antarctica", 1 of the 6 wonderful Electronic tracks gathered in a very original concept, the one of the continents and, by the way, the name of these conceptual tracks is... "Continents" !

Maybe I'm wrong but I think that O'Falco finds some inspiration in the most famous composers of the 19th century like Frédéric Chopin or of the 18th century like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Most tracks like "Antarctica", "Asia", "Europe" but also his more recent conceptual tracks "The Sixth Sense", "Sound", "Smell", "Touch" or "Sight" already got thousand views and more on Youtube and O'Falco deserves this increasing success.

Last thing is that O'Falco's logo, representing a sort of black (or white sometimes) Phoenix, obviously pleased me because I am PHOENIX !!

Feedback written by PHOENIX on March 7th, 2020.

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JAYE "Dejavu " . PHOENIX feedback

JAYE - Electronic, Urban, Pop - Singapore

jaye is no stranger to pain; perhaps that is why his new love song is overwhelmed by grief. His story began with self-inflicted anguish and loneliness, but recently, he has been exploring happier feelings—though agony still lurks in the shadows. On his new single, “DEJA VU,” jaye pushes past the joy of marriage to imagine life without his wife. A romantic ballad buoyed by string movements, “DEJA VU” picks up where jaye’s debut left off. On his previous single, “TOMORROW,” the Singaporean artist opened up about his dark past with suicidal ideation, which came to a boiling point after having to choose between caring for his aging parents and securing a life with his new spouse. The decision to move out with his wife brought him to the brink of madness, but she pulled him out and ultimately saved him. With that realization, jaye’s love for her ballooned until it began to suffocate him, as he envisioned her death. Grief is all-consuming, and the only way jaye thought to avoid it would be to forget his partner's memory altogether. But this was the woman who irrevocably changed his life for the better, who made him the man he is today—free and alive. Without her, the thoughts of taking his own life would surely return, conjuring the namesake phenomenon of jaye’s new single, which was co-written with Kyle Patrick and co-produced by him and Will Snyder. For the music video, jaye makes light of the idea of “loss,” using a time machine to search through millennia to find his love, played by his real-life partner. The video was conceptualized and directed by bless7up;the team was also responsible for the Joker homage on “TOMORROW,” which was a top trend on YouTube in southeast Asia, landed on the Top 20 Music Charts Singapore, and earned 500k views in its first month. jaye is intimately familiar with his demons and has vowed to give back to those battling their own. All merch proceeds from “DEJA VU” will benefit the Alzheimer’s Disease Association, an organization dedicated to improving caregiving for dementia patients; proceeds from “TOMORROW” were donated to Samaritans of Singapore, a suicide prevention non-profit group. He began his music career in a folk-rock duo in his home country, then fronted a Japan-based funk group before he became a DJ for an X-Factor finalist. Then after his return to Singapore, he earned over a million streams and landed on the Spotify viral charts as THE AZN SEN$ATION. Now his worldview is clearer and though he still struggles, the support from his wife is all he needs to see the light.Hi Jaye and thank you very much to have sent me your new beautiful Pop-Funk song "Dejavu", especially after you already did me honor and pleasure to send your campaign for "Tomorrow" for which I wrote and shared some feedback while writing my first review for Groover on December 5th, 2019. That means you trust my feeling and I appreciate this a lot. Immediately when I heard "Dejavu" I was impressed as well by the simplicity of the melody and pureness of the voice as well by the real professionalism of your video-clip about which I did like the special effects and excellent editing and also very good play. I see a real maturity in the song and the video. As a French person I also like the homage for my native language in your title song "Dejavu", so thanks. Talking again of your clip I noticed strong lyrics and heavy music effects and I especially loved the way you sometime manage to push your voice without never losing the tune and that means a great ability in singing. The clip is not only a musical video but also tells a strong and sad love story that keeps in suspense. Last thing is that I'm sure you're now becoming a great international star when I see your incredible score on youtube for "Tomorrow" (1 million 250000 views in 4 months with 800 comments and 7400 likes) and for "Dejavu" (already 120000 views with 190 comments and 900 likes). If I may do some relation between you and some great renowed singer I'll not say Michael but Germaine Jackson, one of the best singer of Rhythm and Blues and Pop Funk of any time. So happy and proud to write a review for you ! Phoenix (Emmanuel).

Feedback written by PHOENIX on February 16th, 2020

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TEXMEX SHAMAN "Red Rockit 2020 " . PHOENIX feedback

TEXMEX SHAMAN - Psychedelic Electro Jazz-Rock, Instrumental - USA

"TexMex Shaman was founded in October 2018 and offers a genre-defying sound that combines funk beats, intense guitar, smooth bass, and captivating samples into tracks that are at once familiar and novel. Watkins created TexMex Shaman to be a response to commercial, corporatized music that follows formulas and conventions. By pushing the envelope on musical genres and taking listeners on an auditory journey that is as stream of consciousness as it is musically engaging, TexMex Shaman is a new vision for what modern music can be"

Hi TexMex Shaman and thanks for having sent your very very cool track "Red Rockit 2020" that I absolutely enjoyed listening, especially knowing that I'm not so used to receive much pieces of music in this style. It's very interesting and unusual that the first part of your track is a (very well made) funky jazz-rock track with some scratch very well added, and suddenly becomes, around timecode 4mn10, a totally new track much more heavy and dark until a terrific crescendo (like a war style) and end of the track. I don't forget also the strange and heavenly female voice, like a mermaid, emerging around timecode 5mn40. I was also very impressed by the very big fan base you have on soundcloud as well as on spotify. Congrats for this great jazz-rock (and more) track that you sent me. Best regards, Phoenix

Feedback written by PHOENIX on February 16th, 2020

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Josip BUSIC "Run Bitch Run" . PHOENIX feedback

Josip BUSIC - Rock, Hard-rock, instrumental - Croatia

"I come from Zagreb,Croatia. This is my first EP album. There are 6 instrumental song on this album. Most of all I like to write songs that have a good rock groove and vibe. For now, I'm just recording anything that pops into my head, but in the future I hope this songs will come alive in live performance."

Hi Josip and thanks a lot for having sent me your very very cool piece of music "Run Bitch Run" that I absolutely enjoyed listening and listening again. The fast and rhythmic way you play electric guitar and drums is a very modern way and I liked it a lot, especially as I'm not a specialist of electric guitar. According to me your style, very personal, sound somehow like some of the songs of the very renowed French singer Dick Rivers which maybe you know. I also had a look at some of your other tracks like "Morning", "Cool Cool", "What a Blues" that I found very interesting too and they reminded me, like "Run Bitch Run", of some soundtracks of former American crime series or movies like for example "The Hitman" (with Chuck Norris) that I recently watched. So many congrats and I agree to discuss with you for a possible collaboration if you wish. Best regards, Emmanuel (Phoenix)

Feedback written by PHOENIX on February 10th, 2020

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STUBBORN TREES "Keep Going " . PHOENIX feedback

STUBBORN TREES - Alt-Noisy Rock - France

Hello Stubborn Trees et merci de m'avoir envoyé votre excellent clip "Keep Going" très style Nirvana ou Pixies effectivement, qui a beaucoup de pêche et m'a vraiment emballé ! J'ai trouvé personnellement une influence L7 et pourquoi pas Sonic Youth aussi. Vous avez un côté jazzy que j'apprécie aussi. Je me suis d'ailleurs abonné à vos pages soundcloud, FB et YT pour suivre votre actualité. Bonne chance pour vos concerts et n'hésitez pas à visiter mon site.

Feedback rédigé par PHOENIX le 23 janvier 2020

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RAGARAJA "Vagabond " . PHOENIX feedback

RAGARAJA - French Neo Métal, Punk Metal - France

Salut Ragaraja (excellent nom de groupe), j'écris très vite un premier petit feedback pour "Vagabond" que j'ai ADORE ainsi que d'autres que j'ai écouté ("Chrysalide", "Pornocratie"...) Je n'aime pas tous les groupes Métal français, loin de là, mais cette fois j'ai vraiment beaucoup beaucoup aimé et je dois dire que, depuis Tamtrum qui est pour moi une référence, je n'ai rien écouté qui m'a autant emballé. J'ai d'ailleurs écrit quelques petites bafouilles sur votre chaîne YT au sujet de "Vagabond" et "Chrysalide" qui sont d'excellents morceaux Punk Métal. Vos textes sont vraiment intéressants et profonds (même si on ne comprend pas toujours les mots mais... punk oblige !) Alors bravo et au plaisir.

Feedback rédigé par PHOENIX le 18 janvier 2020

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FLEUR OFFWOOD "Si tu Veux Vivre avec Moi 
PHOENIX feedback

FLEUR OFFWOOD - Auteur compositeur interprète, Indie Pop, Electro Soul - France

Bonjour Fleur et merci de m'avoir envoyé votre chanson "Si tu Veux Vivre avec Moi". Je dois dire que je ne suis pas trop habitué à écouter des titres aussi calmes mais cette fois j'ai vraiment aimé et c'est pourquoi j'écris cette petite chronique. La première chose qui m'a frappé sont les silences entre les mots du texte, silences d'une longueur tout à fait inhabituelle et qui je trouve colle parfaitement au sens de ce texte, ce qui le rend encore plus doux tout comme votre voix qui est très douce, ce qui change je trouve et convient beaucoup mieux que ces voix autoritaires et enrouées de cheftaines qui émaillent le paysage musical français et également international.
J'ai aussi trouvé des rapprochements avec la chanteuse des premiers temps de Catherine. Le clip de la chanson est très joli aussi, léger et avec une belle chorégraphie. Bravo aussi à l'équipe de production, de mastérisation et de mixage qui ont fait du beau travail. Merci pour cette belle chanson d'amour que je me ferai un plaisir de partager sur mon réseau personnel (Clip Style, Phoenix Music) et quelques réseaux amis. Je publierai également cette petite chronique sur ma page consacrée du site de mon label.
Par contre, si je peux me permettre, je suis un peu étonné des mots (Electronic-Urban-Jazz) que vous avez choisi pour représenter le style de votre morceau car selon moi vous êtes typiquement auteur compositeur interprète.
Amicalement, Emmanuel (Phoenix).

Feedback rédigé par PHOENIX le 27 décembre 2019

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KID NORKJEN "Sweet Day " . PHOENIX feedback

KID NORKJEN - Indie Folk, Singer songwriter, Pop-rock - Norway

Hi Kid Norkjen and thanks for sending me your song. I liked to listen to and I found original that for once a Norwegian artist is not a Black Metal one ! I liked the freshness and lightness of your track and you deserve the success you get on Spotify (almost 4800 monthly fans). I liked the light piano opening, the soft drums perfectly mixed and found your voice very pleasant to hear. Your style is very close I think of some of the country pop leaders like Bob Dylan or Simon & Garfunkel. More contemporary I think your voice is close to one of the best British pop singer who is Peter Astor.

Feedback written by PHOENIX on December 9th, 2019

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JAYE "Tomorrow " . PHOENIX feedback

JAYE - Electronic, Urban, Pop - Singapore

"TOMORROW" Music Video trended in South East Asia and landed on the TOP 20 Charts on YouTube in Singapore.

Hi JAYE ! Thanks for having sent me your song-clip that I really liked to watch and I say that as a professional indie film-maker. The way you're using the Joker character, up-to-date character by the way, shows a style and I think you play well the role (you really look like this ambiguous person in the clip) and the make-up and F/X are excellent too, so congrats to all the music video team because the clip hilights your song. I liked also the reference to childhood. Concerning the song in itself I found it very swinging and dancing, even if I'm not especially used checking this kind of new musical comedy but really you're talented and it's not your very big spotify and youtube fanbase (congrats also for that) that will disagree !

Feedback written by PHOENIX on December 5th, 2019

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