Our featured artist of this week is Jonathon Goldie who has recently dropped a few singles that walk a great balance of Indie pop and singer-songwriter material which all have a cool way of letting you picture certain kinds of imagery as you listen to them.

A recent group of singles dropped, "Root", has a really interesting sound to it that lends itself to its influences well.

One of the things that really stand out about this track of reticular is not only the overall feel of it but the fact that vocals come right in with the clean guitars and you have this sort of stripped-down percussion that slowly builds and that goes along with the rest of the song especially vocally.

This song has a particular way of hitting you in waves and its delivery is unique and feels personal.

There's a lot about this song that you can float on top of and the progression and chord changes are really key elements to how the arrangement of the whole thing works.

You can tell there was a good amount of thought put behind this track but during that performance, you just wrapped up in those vocals and how intense they can feel.  This is also due to the fact that he's got a natural ability for just layering and building those vocals up so that they become this massive force behind the song instead of just the up front singer approach.

Goldie does things a little differently than normal and calls to a cool almost alternative rock that is just touched on throughout the song and you can hear those kinds of influences peek through on a lot of his material.

The artist's songs have a way of making you feel almost lost in an ocean because you can relate to them in certain aspects and they have that overall tone to them as well.

These do incorporate pop elements of course and they are Indie pop songs indeed but they expand past that which is a really nice thing to hear.

Check out Jonathon Goldie and his recent releases.