"Unholy " (cover) by COLLIDE

Collide releases "Unholy" cover

A cover song recently released from Collide is a very unique and well-put-together effort that takes a track that most of us know and gives it a spin that lets the band put their stamp on it.

"Unholy" is the track and originally performed by Kim Petras and Sam Smith, Collide has managed to add a whole lot of edge to it while keeping the vein and pulse of it alive.

The single has a lot of attitude but in more of an industrial sort of way.

This release has a fat but sharp sound and is completely its own thing right up until you get to that chorus.

That's when you really realize how much they put into this track and it sounds amazing.

That heavy sort of groove is still really there but it's just a little different and I think that they did a great job of paying homage to the original.

When you hear the song you could really understand why they were attracted to the idea of covering this one.

It's almost like it came naturally to them.

A very well-done cover song is something that is becoming harder and harder to come across these days.

I think we've grown a little bored of the slow acoustic covers of upbeat songs and to take a song like this and keep it in the same groove but twist it up and still have it make perfect sense is pretty impressive.

Check out the "Unholy" cover by Collide.


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