"Chin Up Sunshine " by

Rocker Nicky Aiken Drops A New Ep

Pop rock enthusiast artist Nicky Aiken just dropped an EP that swings enough hooks at you to knock you right out.

The long-awaited EP release consists of five singles and each one Bears a little bit of a different side to the artist's approach and songwriting but they all work so well together that it almost feels like a concept record.

The title of the record is called Chin Up Sunshine which is the intro song on the release and really does an amazing job of setting the tone for the record because at this point you know what you're in for and you better prepare yourself for because it's coming at you in the form of energetic rock songs that lack absolutely nothing in the way of what right.

The record is very full and feels longer than it actually is which is a huge plus because you don't really want it to end especially if you're into rock songs that move you.

You also are able to pick up on all the different influences that are Incorporated throughout the release and you have this great almost bluesy soul that appears and reappears throughout the course of the record.

A lot of the songs feel somewhat personal, like they are talking of parts of his life and I think that's something that's important when it comes to all music.

The big thing about this record is that it's got the kind of chorus that hits you when you least expect it, and so when a song ends you have to fight yourself not to start it over again.

Almost all of these songs stand on their own two feet as singles show great sides of the songwriter and his personality but this EP should really be blasted at a nice loud volume from beginning to end.

Notable songs are "Na Na (She Goes)" and "TRY!" but honestly these are all great.