An incredibly catchy alternative rock single from Berner Trail feeds off a break pop energy and shows some classic rock influence along with songwriting that delivers something unique in the way of hooks.

If you've never heard of Berner Trail before then this is the time to check them out because the band has released a good amount of music previously but it feels like it was all leading up to this track.

The single is called "Tell Me How You're Doing" and it has a ripe energy and a ton of pop Sensibility which together create a pretty unstoppable rock single.

From the guitar riffs to the choruses, this single hits a number of hot spots that give the track a sort of Summer vibe.

There's honesty in the track but it's also a feel-good song and those aspects are kind of addictive.

There's something about this release that feels like it's been on the radio already. It has a familiar feel to it and still gives you a refreshing taste of this brand of pop rock.

The song also has a way of bursting into these really gigantic sections that are heavier in terms of distortion and layering so those climaxes hit really hard.

It's a quick song and is over in under 2 minutes flat but it somehow does its job of getting you hooked that quickly.

This was a great and polished new single from the band and it shows kind of a different side of their style.

A really fun pop-rock soiree indeed, "Tell Me How You're Doing" seems like the tune of the summer to me.

Hit this one soon.


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