Ben Emanuelson delivers a pure rock banger with the energy and emphasis of heavy-handed alternative rock with a gigantic Distortion and guitar tone along with a style that feels like a live performance.

The artist is consistently delivering singles and as he does, he manages to put forth his best effort as each song bears a little bit of a new side of his songwriting style but never strays from that punch-packed attitude.

One of the latest called "Indy-E" Hits full force with a unique positivity and it just goes to show how some songwriters out there are able to feed off their influences in a very particular way.

For Ben, he is able to utilize a multitude of these influences to create a sound that has something familiar about it but is also very refreshing at the same time.

The single shows plenty of drive and the attitude of the performance vocally is spot on in terms of bringing everything to a forward-moving rock sound.

The song indeed feels alive and hits a lot of those alt rock sweet spots that you've been looking for for a while now.

It's no surprise that the artist has been releasing songs for years and is able to evolve his sound as he goes along.

I think more bands should be doing things like that.

One of the best things about Ben is that if you love one song, you're very likely to love them all so if you are someone that has a knack for alternative rock playlists, he's got plenty for all of them.

It's time to welcome Ben Emanuelson to your library of rock music.