A full album release from Dallet Band gives us a taste of how lead songwriter and vocalist Jeffrey Dallet is able to pull off songs across the rock spectrum and do it with his own personal taste and style attached.

The album release is called Acid Tongue which is a somewhat fitting name for the record seeing that it crosses boundaries into some lively fun hard rock and alternative approaches.

There's really something for almost everyone on this release and the sound of it hints at some classic influences along with some newer styles that have a very particular way of coming together.

You can clearly hear some of the songwriter's personality across the span of the album and even get a taste of some of his solo stuff with cleaner styles that are more fitting for singer-songwriter or even folk at times.

But most of this album rocks out and does it well with an attitude that changes from song to song and at times can be hitting some serious notes and others can be hilarious.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with having that kind of array across a great Rock album like this.

Being able to show different sides of who you are as a person in your songwriting is a unique attribute and this album does that often.

You can kind of understand that vision that Dallet had when getting into creating this record and recruiting his band to really take it to that level was a smart move.

The artist's solo stuff is really amazing as well and there's clear nods to that stuff on this record so if you dig a lot of this album, then you should check out his solo stuff as well.

Give this one a dig.


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