What do you get when you have a violinist that knows how to write songs and is inspired by all kinds of different music?

The answer to that question is Izzy Skinner.

An album release called Mr. Wizard spans a variety of outstanding songwriting in the forms of gypsy Folk and even rock and roll but it all has these wonderful violin lines strung across them giving them a more bountiful and beautiful sound.

This record is a little more than outside the box but it has so much for everyone across the span of it that you'll love it no matter what.

One of the things that draws you in with this release is the sheer fact that these ideas of having rock, folk, singer-songwriter, contemporary, and more all rolled up into one album is brilliant.

But what's even more brilliant is the fact that Skinner is a violinist at heart and not only does she know what she's doing in terms of creating melodies that work so well that they're fluent, but she does it both vocally and with her instrument.

This album is really a fun experience and works well for fans of so many different kinds of music that you really just can't go wrong.

On top of all that, she does everything with a real passion that shines across the span of the record.

She is graceful with her performances as she does things with a perfect balance and is never too over the top with anything.

This is something that's not easy to do for instrumentalists of her level.

For example, if you're an outstanding guitar player, it's hard not to rip crazy solos across the song and show how great you are playing just because it comes to you naturally.

You have to be able to have that dynamic and that balance to not overdo things and Skinner does this with a wonderful approach.

This is a very full album that's coming from an experienced and seasoned musician and it's something that is done as a passion project so you really get a win-win.

You will definitely enjoy Mr. Wizard.


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