CURSE OF YIG . Knoxville (Tennessee) / Lulea (Sweden)
Doom Metal / Thrash Metal / Speed Metal

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Our last Doom Thrash song "Curse of Yig " from our EP "Crawling Chaos"
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Some of Curse Of Yig's influences : 

Ultar, Black Sabbath, Amon Amarth, Megadeth, DethKlok, Primus, The Vision Bleak, Fields Of The Nephilim, H.P Lovecraft

Curse Of Yig's biography :

The story of Curse Of Yig is an unusual story as the band was recently formed by 2 experimented one man bands (on 15th May 2021), after the discovery by Phoenix Records of the Swedish artist Kenneth Hägglöf :

  • Kenneth Hägglöf (heavy and blues metal Swedish one man band from Lulea, producer of more of 80 songs with his 3 musical projects : Est Lupus, Forcery & Brytjärn) ;
  • Andre Venas (Viking doom death metal Norwegian one man band living now in Tennessee (USA), already on Shantak Label, producer of 4 albums (under the name of his first and former artist name "RavenSkül") and a 5th one (under his current artist name "Norse Vitki") dedicated to H.P Lovecraft. Andre won various awards ("2019 Akademia Executive Award", award of the "Best Heavy Metal Song" for 4 of his songs in April, August, September and October 2018, "2021 Akademia Rising Star Award" for his song "Loki's Holiday in Asgard".

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