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  • IRONIC PUNISHMENT DIVISION (American solo-band . Doom Metal - Dark Metal) . January 17th, 2021
  • PLAY CENTER (American band . Punk-Rock) . November 11th, 2019
  • NØRD (Swedish composer . Electro Chillout - EDM) . October 28th, 2019
  • TULIMERI (Finnish songwriter performer . Pop-Rock - EDM) . september 20th, 2019
  • SONIC RADIATION / Todd Last (American composer . EDM - Electronic - Trance) . August 28th, 2019
  • LIMITED BOOZE BOYS (German band . Hardfolk - Metal) . July 6th, 2019
  • MORETO (Russian composer . Electro-Pop) . June 30th, 2019
  • Daniele PECORELLI & Mark SCHAUB (Italian and German composers . Electro-Ambient - Avant-Garde - Dark-Terror) May 20th, 2019
  • CHRONIC TWILIGHT (American band . Gothic-Rock) . January 31th, 2019 & June 28th, 2018
  • Thomas SCHENK (Austrian songwriter performer . Austro-Pop) . August 7th, 2018
  • FRACTURED SPINE (finnish band . Atmospheric Death-Doom Metal) . July 20th, 2018
  • Marino CARGNEL (Italian composer . Alternative Progessive Electronic Jazz Rock) . March 24th, 2018
  • Marco CINELLI (Italian songwriter performer . Pop Music) . February 28th, 2018
  • WEESP (Belarus band . Electronic Rock - Progressive Metal) . June 15th, 2018 & May 26, 2018 & January 26th, 2018

PHOENIX Interview . January 17th, 2021 . IRONIC PUNISHMENT DIVISION



1. Hi Neil Hess and many thanks for accepting to answer my questions about your band IRONIC PUNISHMENT DIVISION. If you don’t mind I will call your band IPD shortly for more convenience in my interview. 
First can you tell us why this band’s name ? Has it a special meaning ?
Way back in 2005, I recorded my first EP “The Mind is an Enemy” under that name. Dante’s Inferno was a piece of literature that had stuck with me since my high school days, and in that story, all the punishments suffered by those in Hell were ironic in nature based on the individual’s particular sin. That – and a certain popular cartoon referenced it in a Halloween special. 

2. How many members in your band ? What is IPD’s line up ?

It’s just me. Originally, I started recording on my own because I had been in several bands that had the usual “band problems” (egos, direction, differing levels of dedication, etc.) and I had a lot of material that I just kept writing on my own. I wrote with the intent of using songs in a full band setting, but technology has changed and improved a lot over the years so much so that I was making full productions that sounded exactly like what I had intended in my head, so I just kept running with it. The one man band concept really caught on in Black Metal, but I’m only aware of a few doing it with the Doom and Stoner genre. 

3. Before this international crisis and the suppression of live shows, have you performed with IPD ? when and where ?

No, not with IPD. It’s always been a one-man show. I’m not opposed to the idea. A few bands and promotors have reached out to me about gigs, assuming that it was a full group.

4. IPD’s style can be called Doom Metal but do you agree with this naming or do you prefer other terms for specifying your music ?

I’m good with that. It’s a visceral genre. It highlights all the things I like best in metal music – simple catchy riffs, haunting vocals, bluesy grooves;  all the things that made me want to explore music in the first place.

5Has this world crisis affected your creativity or on the contrary did you feel stimulated by this unusual situation ?

Definitely inspiring, and in a strange way – reassuring. All the people who laughed at us “conspiracy theorists” sure aren’t laughing now. There are playbooks out there in the open that outline exactly what we’re living through, but many have ignored the signs. I’ve been writing non-stop as these events have unfolded, although a good chunk of that material isn’t what I would consider IPD material.

6Is IPD a committed band and if yes how ?

Absolutely. I’ve had 4 releases over 15 years, but I consider a more outward display of my commitment to be the lyrical content of the material. For all that time, in one way or another the central themes of my writings have been Pro-God and Anti-New World Order. In this day and age, that literally puts a target on your back. It would be so much easier to just write about Druids and weed to procure a bunch of praise, but there’s already a lot of people doing that. God bless them, they do it well and I really enjoy listening, but that’s not my calling with this. Years from now when I’m long gone, I want my kids to know that when evil was AT and INSIDE the gates, I spoke truth to power and there was no doubt about what side I was on.

7I had great pleasure to listen to the 10 songs of your album “The Great Awakening” that is an excellent new release. I especially enjoyed the songs and in my opinion great hits “Orange Man Bad” and “Demons Call” (congrats also for the great music videos and for having chosen extracts of the great film “Häxan” (La Sorcellerie à travers les Ages” in French) made in 1922 by the Danish director Benjamin Christensen.) and I also liked a lot “The Hermit”.
By the way can you explain the meaning of the words “The Great Awakening” of your album ?

Thank you for the kind words. Those old silent movies doom! There are some liner notes on the inside of the CD version of this album that I think sum up the title best. It reads:
Decide for yourself. Be free from outside opinion.Be objective in your conclusions. Be true in your own beliefs. Be open to following the facts. Be strong in defending your beliefs. Be resistant to blindly accepting fact-less statements.
Those who attack you.
Those who mock you.
Those who cull you.
Those who control you.
Those who label you.
Do they represent you?
Or, do they represent themselves?
Mental Enslavement.
The Great Awakening 'Freedom of Thought’, away from the longstanding ‘mind’ control of the corrupt & heavily biased media to endure future events through transparency and regeneration of individual thought (breaking the chains of ‘group-think’. Freedom of expression, and patriotism or national pride When ‘non-dogmatic’ information becomes FREE & TRANSPARENT it becomes a threat to those who attempt to control the narrative.
When you are awake, you stand on the outside of the stable (‘group-think’ collective), and have ‘free thought’ - a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism, rather than authority, tradition, revelation, or dogma.
When you are awake, you are able to clearly see.
The choice is yours, and yours alone.
Trust and put faith in yourself.
You are not alone and you are not in the minority.
Difficult truths will soon see the light of day.

8Concerning your music video of “Orange Man Bad” I found very interesting your idea of the door opening to different topics.
What do you mean by opening the doors ?

The visual is that of a man, at home, just minding his own business. He wants to be left alone to live his life in freedom and peace, but there is this constant knocking at the door – bombardment of messages telling him things that are demonstrably false and demanding his buy-in. I even poke a little fun at myself by making a cameo appearance pushing my albums on him, ha ha!

9I noticed that your main network is FB (congrats for the 9200 and more current fans) and YT (with some videos of 2000 views and more).
Is IPD’s promotion focused on these 2 networks mentioned above or have you some other networks for the promotion ?

Besides those, it’s the usual suspects like CDBaby, Distrokid, and the rest of the distribution channels out there. In that respect, it’s a great time to be a musician if you want to be heard. I suspect Facebook will be banning and purging me soon enough for thought crimes. I’m a bit of a meme-dealer on that page in addition to the music. I tell people “come for the shitposting, stay for the music”

10I was very impressed, while reading your campaign, with the strong words and ideas expressed in your band’s biography.
Can you tell me more about ?

What I said was that Rock & Roll used to be about rebellion. In the seventies, the music and meaning behind it got heavier and deeper. Then came the cancel culture. It crept into every aspect of society, and before you knew it - expression and free thought was practically dead. I say NO LONGER. Deviating from the mainstream takes an act of courage. It’s true – you either toe the line, or they try to destroy you. Recently, an entrepreneur tried to start an alternative to Twatter called Parler. A few days ago, the entire big-tech oligarchy conspired to have him and his business destroyed, and it wasn’t even because HE thought differently than they did – it was because people using his platform did ! Wrongthink guilt by association. It’s pure totalitarianism. I don’t translate well to Newspeak.  If Thomas Paine were alive and writing today, he would be memory-holed too. As far as the rebellious nature of rock & roll – in reality there is very little of that anymore because of this stifling of free speech, and the hypocrisy of the big acts. For example, communist darlings like Rage Against the Machine made an entire career out of preaching that Capitalism is evil. Then last year they went out charging $300 a ticket for nosebleed seats. 

11Why are you feeling so close to Black Sabbath ?

Black Sabbath made me want to become a musician. Tony Iommi is personally responsible for creating this entire genre. When I first heard the album Paranoid as a teenager, I made it my mission to go out and buy a guitar. Then I heard Master of Reality and my entire world changed. While jamming War Pigs with some other local kids one day, someone suggested that somebody should actually try singing the song though the PA. I volunteered, and it turned out that I have this nasal thing going on that makes me sound a lot like Ozzy. Fast forward many years later, I found myself supplementing my musical endeavors by fronting a popular Ozzy Osbourne tribute band in the Cleveland area. It was a wonderful, fun gig that lasted nearly a dozen years but the PLANdemic finally killed it off. 

12Your album “The Great Awakening” has 10 songs.
Is this number a pure chance or does this number mean something for you ?

I’m all about hidden and double meanings, but honestly this isn’t one of them. I originally planned on another EP to supplement “Come and Take It”, but inspiration tends to come in waves for me. Next thing I knew I had 10 completed songs, which was fine because it meant I could finally put out something on vinyl as well for the sake of nostalgia, even though I don’t personally own a record player anymore.


  • On Facebook : 9800 fans
  • On Youtube : 
    3700 views for "Orange Man Bad",
    2100 views for "Demons Call",
    1800 views for "Carlos Danger",
    1450 views for "Come and Take It"

PHOENIX Review . November 11th, 2019 . PLAY CENTER


PLAY CENTER is a Punk-Rock band based in Roswell (Georgia) meaning they are alien band and they are even more interesting to discover and listen to !

Founded in 2017 by the bass guitarist Kevin Lee, assisted by his Nicaraguan friend and female singer Mars Rodriguez, quickly joined by the drummer Nick Moore (replaced in 2018 by Mathew Cavallo) followed by the guitarists John Thornhill and Andrew Kendall.

PLAY CENTER is a Punk-Rock band in its pure style and really we love that. Listening to their music, we can think of Nirvana but mostly in the pure and raw style of one of their most iconic albums "Bleach".

I want especially to talk about "Getting up and Laying down" that is the 8th track (of 9 ones) of the album "Moving On" because, according to me, it is a masterpiece of Punk-Rock and of Rock simply.
This song is admirably constructed with a powerful music (bass guitar, guitar and drums) and a voice which is disenchanted and lucid at the same time and showing some feelings and desillusion that few pop bands are able to express in a so deep way.
Suddenly in the song, like in a dream, comes a female voice repeating this only word "Yeah" like if it was for laughing at the man who lost her girlfriend and looks for her everywhere and even in his coffee cup that he fills again and again, and who gets up and lays down, following a neverending daily routine.

I also loved "So Into You" featured with the very talented Nicaraguan female singer Mars Rodriguez who gives a special L7 and Sonic Youth aspect to the album "Moving On" that is available at every on-line stores and that I really advise you to check and get.

Besides their studio work, PLAY CENTER are highlighted since beginning of 2019 in the scenes of Atlanta and Columbia.

PHOENIX Review . October 28th, 2019 . NØRD


As soon as I heard the song "Snacka inte med mig" ("Do not speak to me" in English) of the young and talented Swedish artist (from Göteborg) having the simple but effective name NØRD, I understood that the techno and electro chillout scene got a new master and, in this case, the "student" NØRD has passed his "masters" and influences such as Zhu, Robyn or Rufus Del Sol.
I was carried away by the sustained and light rhythm of "Snacka inte med mig" which would make me almost want to know how to speak Swedish language !
Without a doubt this song, as well as the first two ones composed in 2018 which are "Allt jag är" ("All I am" in English) being a track reminding in its electro class and soft style of the ultra famous "Sounds like a Melody "of the German synthpop band Alphaville) and also a piece that I think is a masterpiece of the genre that is called "Alone", should very soon make the buzz in discotheques around the world and be ranked in good place in the electro charts.
I want to stop a little on "Alone" because this languorous and very sensitive piece can be considered as one of the most beautiful electro slows, and one of the most beautiful slows quite simply. It is a piece of sublime melancholy endowed with an absolutely beautiful chorus background, perfectly mixed with the music.
In the immensity of the electro scene there are a lot of songs that are bad, some are correct, sometimes there are good or very good, few are excellent but rare are the great pieces and "Alone" is part of.
To conclude this review I also very much enjoyed the outstanding deep house track "Bring me the Horizon - Can you Feel my Heart".

  • On Spotify : almost 7700 monthly listeners (main cities are Santiago, Mexico, Lima, Paris, Buenos Aires).
  • On Soundcloud :
    7850 listenings + 300 likes + 90 reposts + 20 comments in 1 month for "Snacka inte med mig",
    1800 listenings + 130 likes + 30 reposts + 20 comments in 6 months for "Alone",
    3760 listenings + 110 likes + 20 reposts + 20 comments for "Allt jag är".
  • On Youtube
    2300 views in 1 month for "Snacka inte med mig",
    7400 views in 6 months for "Alone".

PHOENIX Review . September 20th, 2019 . TULIMERI

In April 2018 "The Dance of the Northern Lights" by TULIMERI was entered the 17th place, before Marquess and Bruno Mars, in the German Dance Charts

Hi TULIMERI and Hi everyone !

TULIMERI (Ilari Pitkänen) is a Finnish songwriter performer who writes and performs original songs and melodies inspired by the pop and dance music of the 1980s.
Even if it's not the official profession of TULIMERImusic is his passion and his priority in life and he lives for music.
TULIMERI (facebook page) is a talented and appealing songwriter performer having a real magical voice, who already composed more than 20 tracks and is preparing some new ones including a new EP which is still a secret.
Here you can read a little review about 3 of his songs :

  • "Butterflies" :
    From the beginning of the song performed by TULIMERI (youtube channel) and that was composed by Tuomas Pitkänen (Ilari Pitkänen's homonym without any familial relation), having already more than 14000 views on youtube for 2 monthswe think of the voice and the music of Biff Bang Pow ! band of the legendary English label of the 1980-90s Creation Records.
    Talking about this label, let's remember that Creation Records includes some of the greatest names of the British pop-rock like The Weather Prophets, Slowdive, The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream or Ride.
    Even the so renowed band Oasis released their 2 first albums on Creation Records.

  • "Risk" :
    With more than 1300 views on youtube for 4 months, "Risk" is a wonderful love song composed, like "Butterflies", by Tuomas Pitkänen and sung by TULIMERI (spotify page) but it's also a very professional, fast and coloured music video with very clear and original subtitles showing the lyrics.
    That's why I just can advise any lover of the great romantic pop songs to listen to and watch this music video that is a model of its kind.

  • "The Dance of the Northern Lights" :
    This beautiful song by TULIMERI having more than 7300 views on youtube for 6 months and beautified, like the song "Risk", by a very nice music video and with a gorgeous voice-music set, ends this "TULIMERI" trilogy that I was very pleased to present you in this review.
    Something important to note is that "
    The Dance of the Northern Lights" was composed by Jonne "Purple Motion" Voltonen who is a legendary Finnish video games composer having made some very famous soundtracks for games like "Super Mario Bros", "Final Fantasy VI", "The Legend of Zelda", "Castlevania" or "Metal Gear Solid 3". 
    Moreover this very subtle song had the great honor to have been 
    ranked at the 17th place in the German Dance Charts, in April, 2018 even before some great and established bands and artists like Marquess or Bruno Mars.



PHOENIX Review . August 28th, 2019 . SONIC RADIATION

Hi SONIC RADIATION and Hi everyone !

It seems repetitive and yet we always want more, we always ask more, it's the secret of a great piece of electronic music and this is the case for "INFRARED", the last track and international hit of the EDM project  SONIC RADIATION (official website) which has already reached more than 70,000 views on Youtube in only one month.
A spatial, almost spatio-temporal sound that carries far, very far.

"INFRARED", present on the Work In Progress release "Dimixides" and released in July 2019, is the latest single by the American composer of electronic music EDM, techno and trance Todd Last (SONIC RADIATION) from Texas whose very various influences go from industrial with Front 242 and Front Line Assembly to electro-trance with The Crystal Method and Astral Projection.

Todd Last had to fight for a long time against an injury of his spinal cord and found again the taste of life by creating in 2003 the electro techno trance project SONIC RADIATION (Youtube channel) with as well very sophisticated remixes as a two years work to develop the future of electronic music by releasing in 2015 the very ambitious concept-album "The 121 Project" which contains 11 tracks including the extraordinary "Dead Beat 121".

With "INFRARED" and even more "Zenith", SONIC RADIATION (Twitter page) follows in my opinion the same movement as his fellow Californian Harsh electro dark Mordacious. Moreover in "Zenith" we recognize the rhythm of the famous "Cyber Girl" by Mordacious.
I found this rhythmic quality in older Trance tracks by Todd Last like 
"Collider(track of 2017, a little slower than "INFRARED" but having nevertheless reached more than 90000 views on Youtube), "Helix(track of 2017 having more than 80000 views on Youtube that prefigured "INFRARED" because its melody was close to it) while tracks like "Ascent" (which reminded me sometimes of the style of the great German composer Jan of X- Fusion), "Evapora", "Dissolve" or "Declivityare much focused on the atmosphere, the shoegaze or even the experimental.

Some titles like "Electrolux" are more progressive, while other spatial melodies like "XXYare close to the famous English band of the 1980s "The Orb".
There is some Vangelis in the track "Dilation" and Guru Josh in "Redshift".
The minimalist influence of Kraftwerk "Radioactivity" and Gary Numan "Are Friends Electric ?" seems to be felt in more mechanical tracks like "Mode 87" or "Radial Blur" (which has a military industrial side).

Todd Last also composed more futuristic but also excellent tracks like "Aftermath".
SONIC RADIATION (facebook page) offers a real dive into the abyss with the extraordinary "Dead Beat 121" (from the album "The 121 Project") that could have been a perfect soundtrack for the masterpiece of the 1970s horror film directed by Ken Wiederhorn "Shock Waves". This track is a masterpiece of the genre that deeply moved me while listening.
Another track named "Ready Set BOOM" (about 9000 views on Youtube) seemed to me particularly worthy of interest because it has a sustained rhythm that is reminiscent of the theme "The Chase" of Alan Parker's masterpiece drama " Midnight Express "whose famous soundtrack is the work of the Italian composer Giorgio Moroder. I also enjoyed "Shock Wave" which is more a "Depeche Mode" track like in "Behind the Wheel".
I enjoyed also "Shock Wave" which is more a "Depeche Mode" track like in "Behind the Wheel".



PHOENIX Review . July 6th, 2019 . LIMITED BOOZE BOYS




Hi LIMITED BOOZE BOYS and Hi everyone !

I am even more pleased to write this review for the release of "20 YEARS FAST AND LOUD", the new album of the German band (from Stradtroda) of Hardfolk Metal LIMITED BOOZE BOYS. They are, besides being now a major band of the Heavy-Metal scene, real friends since I had the pleasure and the honor to use, several years ago, one of their hits "Come Along" as part of the soundtrack for one of my main movies "Rose Castle".

Here come Koppi (guitar and vocals), Tom (vocals, keyboard and harmonica), Wanze (drums, vocals and mandolin) and Harti (bassguitar) having been replaced recently by Jakob, to present their new album (the fifth one) of 12 tracks, for more than 40 mn of duration, that did not leave me indifferent, far from it, explaining the score of 9.5 / 10 that I gave to this stuff.

"20 YEARS FAST AND LOUD" includes, besides his three great hits 'Life is a Pig' (a kind of great disco-rock), 'United' (amazing anthem rock Metal for the friendship of the bikers and the unit of Germany, which has nothing to envy to the immense 'Deutschland' of Rammstein) and 'Feelings' (superb ballad which speaks very subtly of the exclusive meaning of the feelings of love), some small jewels embellished with the powerful voices of Tom, Koppi and Wanze accompanied by the instruments which make the specificity of this very endearing German band (electric guitars and basses, accordion, bagpipe, mandolin, military drum).
Many of these songs have particularly impressed me and should remain in the minds of many fans and listeners, such as 'I Come From' (hymn to freedom on a bagpipe background), the very rhythmic, haunting and somehow desperate 'I Don't Know', the beautiful little romantic and a bit naughty pop-rock song 'Pretty Girl', 'Limited Booze Boys Song' (beautiful song of country-western style, played on the mandolin, which is a bit an introspection and a balance sheet of the band) and 'Rust' (this is the UFO of the album, a superb and unexpected tribute to the Beatles with a very surprising and very fast musical recovery of 'Yellow Submarine') 'Rust', which concludes the album, reminded me in its style and its rhythm 'Yankee Doodle', one hit of "Death Or Glory", a previous album of LBB.

Extremely rare if not unique, the order of the songs (with lyrics!) of the booklet does not match the cover back of the album ! A joke of this band who likes to surprise. In addition to these twelve excellent and various titles, the album contains a great video bonus : the original clip of 'Life is a Pig'.

LBB are performing a triumphal live tour for the release of their album "20 YEARS FAST AND LOUD" with planned dates from July to December, especially in Germany, like for example the Motorcycle Jamboree (Altes Lager - Jüterbog, on July 19th), the Rock & Bike Festival (Limberg, on August 9th), the Biker Party (Brandeburg, on August, 10th), the Privat Party (Landau, on September, 7th) and the Biker Party (Mülsen, on September 21th).

Les liens principaux de LIMITED BOOZE BOYS sont :

PHOENIX Interview . June 30th, 2019 . MORETO

As part of the International Popova Prize, in the field of broadcasting
MORETO won the God-of-air award that was presented in Los Angeles


1. Hello Moreto ! Phoenix is glad to welcome you for this interview about your last album "Untouchable" !
Hi Emmanuel!  Thank you for your time !

2. How many albums have you already released ? 
At the moment I have two albums - "Spectrum" and "the Untouchables", the good news is that on December 31, 2019 my third album is released called "Beta".

3. You are born and live in Russia in Krasnodar so I don't doubt you are a Russian citizen but I would just like to know if your name (or artist name) MORETO has any relation with Italian culture ? 
Thank you for such a wonderful question !  Yes, I live and work in Russia, but the soul and roots of my origin goes to Bulgaria.  Moreto in Bulgarian means sea.  

4. Is MORETO your real name or your artist name ? 
Moreto is a creative pseudonym, my name is Eugene. 

5. In your recording studio do you only use samples for the additional voices or do invite some singers to record and mix their voices, especially in your 2 beautiful songs "Time" and " Beating Heart" ? 
In my work in the studio, I use a mixed approach to recording, so the song "Time" was born thanks to the great vocal sample of the performer with which I would really like to meet.  The song "beats the heart" was recorded in the studio with the help of great performers. She is a superstar.

6. Do you only make studio songs or do you also perform live ? 
Studio work is an important preparatory work for live performances.  During the performance, one of the screens transmits a working computer screen, where during playback of the song, the viewer can see and evaluate the internal structure and design of the project.   

7. All your songs and tracks have English titles, however, maybe I am wrong but it seemed to me that the woman singer of the song "Beating Heart" sings in Russian... Is it true ? Moreover is the same woman songer singing both songs "Time" and "Beating Heart" ?
English song titles have been translated for readability.  The original album was released in Cyrillic. 

8. There is a special and long track named "Miracle" that can be ranked into Electro tribal style. Can you explain the meaning of this title song ? 
Miracle - a modern mantra, a track for which you can briefly disconnect from everyday life. 

9. Anyone can see that you are a very various Electronic composer because "Crazy" is an excellent and subtle House music track. By the way do you compose music according to your current mood ? 
The most good songs are obtained when you put experienced emotions into them, life is unpredictable and it is not always possible to save loved ones from bad deeds towards you.  Composure only gains when your heartache turns into music.  Let me tell you a little secret, in 2020 the Spectrum album will be reissued, and the song will have a crazy vocal, which we couldn’t record at that time, because the song is really crazy !  

10. Have you thought about your own childhood when you created the very specific song "Child" that is a very original song because sometimes we can hear child voice or sounds well expressing in my opinion child life ?
It happened so that charity appeared in my life, I composed music and a song for a children's charity, if you listen to it you will hear a sample of a child’s voice when I heard the sample from a child song,  I wanted to create a composition, and so the track turned out. 

11. Something very original about you is the international award that you earned in the category of sound engineering, producer and composer. Congrats for this award and please tell us where, when and how you earned this award. 
The International Popova Prize was established in the field of broadcasting, in my portfolio the radio network in southern Russia was already prepared, I sent a jury design package, what was my surprise when I was informed that my work received the God-of-air award for the quality of the works provided.  The award was presented in Los Angeles, but I unfortunately could not attend it.  

12. The music video on your MusicSubmit campaign in in Russian language, so can you translate it in English language ? Can you also explain us what is the topic of the song ? Finally who is the artist having collaborated with you for this song ? 
The video for the song "Imitate" was created with the performer ladyyaga. A romantic love story, girls, cars and yachts.  Classic joke !

13. Apparently you are neither on facebook nor on twitter nor on any other classical social network, Does it mean that you are suspiscious of social networks ? 
Social networks require a lot of energy and time, I have a little presence on and at  

14. Maybe I am wrong but is your music somehow influenced by religion and mystical things ? 
Christ is with everyone my favorite expression.  I believe in God, I believe that every person is a divine being, and mystical consciousness is capable of magic, I believe in karma and the Law.  

15. Are you currently working at a new music project ? 
A special place in my heart is occupied by the project Training - Boysband, the first album of the Training will be released in 2020, it has already been recorded.  A single know I miss you already can listen to

16. Thank you very much Moreto for having kindly answered my questions, good luck, great success and be seeing you ! 
Thank you Emmanuel for the wonderful questions and the opportunity to go deep inside yourself and find out the answers to them.  We will hear and see you! 

The main MORETO's links are :

PHOENIX Review . May 20th, 2019 . Daniele PECORELLI & Mark SCHAUB

Hi Daniele PECORELLI & Mark SCHAUB and Hi everyone !

Daniele PECORELLI is a Roman composer of Avant-Garde, Electro-Acoustic and Dark-Terror electronic music.
A classical pianist by training, he has been doing research on synthetic sounds for a long time and has collaborated with several independent bands of various styles.
His favorite genre is contemporary minimalist music and he has composed for dance and theater.
His pieces have been part of several compilations.

His album "Sonometrie" and his EP "Darkstar" (which are two of his first independent works) are from a dance and music project that incorporates Renaissance and contemporary styles.
His latest compositions "Ash Tapes" come from the song "Who'll Frame my Memories in Ash" contained in the album "&", released in vinyl, in collaboration with Mark SCHAUB, living in Rome too.

A great originality of the album "&" is that each of the two musicians worked separately without making his own work known to the other, and the final mix was done with the compositions of the 2 musicians.

This review concerns the two tracks "COMBUSTION" and "WHO'LL FRAME MY MEMORIES IN ASH" from the album "&".

  • "Combustion" :
    Long piece of music (12mn30) very distressing that makes us enter a forest populated by invisible creatures invisible making disturbing cries and sounds. You have the impression of returning to prehistory at a time when industry did not exist and nature alone reigned. You hear insects, frog croaking, wolf howls and other strange sounds.
    It is a totally exotic but also soothing and relaxing music.
    The title of the song "Combustion" can intrigue because it seems to me that there is no connection with combustion.
    The 3rd part of the track has a particular magnitude because you can imagine a monster from the world of Lovecraft (Cthulhu, Shub-Niggurath or another) that slumbers grumbling in his cave.
    This extraordinary piece of music ends in a psychedelic and destructured way like the dying roar of the monster of the cave that would die or fall back into its sleep.

  • "Who'll Frame my Memories in Ash" :
    I really like this remarkable Electro-Progressive track for its instrumental side (piano, organ, cello) punctuated by the roaring lightning and which can make think of a solitary Nemo captain in his ship Nautilus, playing the organ while waiting, resigned, that the volcano of the island explodes and that the boiling lava overwhelms everything and engulfs the work of all his life.
    You feel a lot of musical mastery, all the smoothness of Italy combined with the strength of the German composers.
    It is a religious music, lithurgic beauty that borrows Bach without plagiarizing.
    This piece is very touching and belongs for me to the most beautiful and biggest titles of progressive music.
    A haunting and spatial music ambient piece concludes the track whose main influence seems to be the famous English band The Orb, pioneer of the Electro-Ambient in the 1980-90s, especially in their song "O.O.B.E".
Main Daniele PECORELLI's links :

Facebook page
Youtube channel
Original video of "Doppelgänger" (of the film "To Bitch or Not to Bitch")
Bandcamp page

Video "Doppelgänger" of the film "To Bitch or Not to Bitch" (original music by Daniele PECORELLI)

Hi CHRONIC TWILIGHT and Hi everyone !

Hi CHRONIC TWILIGHT and Hi everyone !

I was happy to write a review in June 2018 (scroll this page to read it) for the release of the EP (4 tracks) "Vulnerable" of the American Gothic Rock band from Nashville (Tennessee) CHRONIC TWILIGHT directed by composer Michael LOUIS who is kind to have chosen PHOENIX MUSIC to talk about his 2nd album (9 tracks) "An Essential Catharsis" released at the beginning of this month of January 2019.

I will not talk about "Vulnerable" about which you can read my full chronicle further down on this page, limiting myself to saying that it is a superb mini album among which one of the titles "Misfortune of Me" reached on youtube in just 8 months nearly 9000 views, which is remarkable.

On the other hand, I'm going to spend a little time comparing the first album (8 tracks) "Hymns for Heliophobes" by CHRONIC TWILIGHT, released in December 2017, because the band already showed a certain and varied talent with very rock tracks like "Battlecry", very dark in the purest Gothic style like "God is Dead", "And the Kids Go" that is a terrific track on a psychedelic tune (from the style of the post-punk English group of the 1970s-1980s "The Fall ") with terrifying lyrics, as well as "Low Moments in High Fashion" having an impressive musical input with cries of the damned. This piece really reminded me of the horror movie "Parents" (by Bob Balaban).

I come now to the second album "An Essential Catharsis" from CHRONIC TWILIGHT, released recently on the Brazilian label Wave Records. The compositions, texts and songs are by Michael LOUIS, while only the 3rd (superb) piece "The Anatomy of Poison" is performed by Sam SHARP.

"Rabid", the entry piece of the album, somehow speaks of the cerber, the dog of hell who would not even be a creature of the night because too scared to turn off the light !

"Mark of Cain" is a beautiful gothic piece with BDSM theme. The music video of the piece is a slideshow with very beautiful images of a woman dominated. The whip here has the appearance of a snake, the snake of Cain.

I really loved "The Anatomy of Poison", not only because of the beautiful voice of Sam SHARP accompanied by a female singer, but also for its deep bass that has nothing to envy to one of the bass master who is Peter Hook.

"Union of Despair" is a beautiful, desperate hymn that gives the album a very interesting DSBM side.

"Suffrage and Scourge" is a very interesting and special song, very different from the others in that it is particularly tortured, accompanied by a rather agonizing female ghostly voice.

The music video of "I'm Alive !" begins with a beautiful tribute to the first Expressionist films (of Murnau or Dreyer style) with a scene of shadow puppets where a devil tries to train a girl in an unrestrained dance. The theme may be reminiscent of Lovecraft's famous phrase "who forever sleeps never die".

"The Tyrannical Young" is a very gothic and interesting song because its theme (the revenge of the children) represents somehow the opposite and the logical continuation of the song "And the Kids Go" (which appeared on the first album "Hymns for Heliophobes"of CHRONIC TWILIGHT) of which I speak earlier in my review and which speaks about the ferocity and the cruelty of the father who eats his children (the myth of Saturn).

"Dire Transgressions", last song of the abum, includes a superb melody and beautifully concludes this album which in every way is a wonderful gothic Rock album and will appeal to lovers of pure gothic and Darkwave, shoegaze as well and also to the Depressive Black Metal audience.

Below are the main CHRONIC TWILIGHT links :

Mark of Cain (by CHRONIC TWILIGHT)

PHOENIX Interview . August 7th, 2018 . Thomas SCHENK

PHOENIX freut sich, eine Zusammenfassung auf Deutsch zu präsentieren der Themen von Thomas SCHENK Interview :

Es geht um : 

  1. Den Wert des Lebens, Sehnsucht und Stress.. 
  2. "Der Koks-Zug ist da", wann die neuen Nummern auf den Markt kommen.. 
  3. Das illegale Rippen von Streams und beschränkte Soundqualität wenn man Internet-Radio konsumiert..
  4. Wiener Dialekt und Austro-Pop.. 
  5. W. Ambros und W. Guthrie.. 
  6. Einen tödlichen Autounfall.. 
  7. Veränderung, Jahreszeiten und Sterblichkeit.. 
  8. Wie große Plattenfirmen ihren Mist verkaufen.. 
  9. Die "Neue Welt-Ordnung" und wie sie das Kunstschaffen beeinflusst.. 
  10. Kritik an gesellschaftlichen Missständen und 'Protest-Songs'.. 
  11. Ein Lied über die Arbeit.. 


1. Hello Thomas ! Phoenix is glad to welcome you for this interview ! 
Hallo Thomas ! Phoenix freut sich, dich beim Interview zu begrüßen !

  • My pleasure, I actually enjoy it somebody is interested.. 
  • Ist mir ein Vergnügen, ich freue mich wenn jemand interessiert ist..

2. Discovering your songs, at once I was interested by your voice that I found very touching, maybe even more because a bit tremulous. Is it a mean to express some doubt about existence ? 
Als ich auf deine Lieder stieß, fiel mir sofort deine Stimme auf die ich sehr berührend fand, umsomehr vielleicht als sie ein bißchen bebend ist. Ist das ein Mittel existenzielle Zweifel zum Ausdruck zu bringen ?

  • I dont doubt existence. The value of existence is a very different issue, .. As far as my voice expresses emotion of yearning and distress, of course I try sometimes to reflect on these moods.. 
  • Ich zweifle nicht an der menschlichen Existenz. Die Wertschätzung dieser ist eine ganz andere Frage, .. Insofern als meine Stimme Gefühle des Sehnens und des Stresses ausdrückt, versuche ich natürlich manchmal solche Stimmungen zu verarbeiten..

3. How long have you been singing and composing ? Have you some other professional occupation to help you to live ? 
Wie lange singst und komponierst Du schon ? Hast Du andere berufliche Aktivitäten zum Gelderwerb ?

  • All my life, especially the composing thing is sort of 'hobby' of mine. It comes to me easy, I like it and it would be a shame not to note it down, so I did it all my life. I'm not engaged in much else. 
  • Mein ganzes Leben, speziell das Komponieren ist so eine Art 'Hobby' von mir. Es fällt mir dauernd was ein, es gefällt mir und es wäre verwerflich es nicht aufzuzeichnen, so tat ichs immer schon. Ich beschäftige mich nicht mit allzuviel anderen Jobs.

4. You use lot of different instruments in your songs, like piano, guitar, saxophone, drums. Do you play all these instruments or do you sometimes use samples ?  
Du verwendst eine größere Zahl unterschiedlicher Instrumente in deinen Liedern, wie Klavier, Gitarre, Saxophon, Drums. Spielst Du alle diese Instrumente selbst oder verwendest Du manchmal Samples ?

  • I'm rather poor in playing a guitar. You hear me on the recordings playing acoustic guitarbeats and effect-distorted acoustic. As to piano I work sometimes with virtuosos like Roman (Roman Sillipp) who arranged the non released "Der Bänkelsänger", cut one. I didn't use samples, but MIDI patches played by Bandinabox, and Bandinabox's prerecorded instrumentals by Jack Pearson and more. 
  • Meine Fähigkeiten die Gitarre zu spielen sind eher bescheiden. Du kannst mich in den Aufnahmen hören auf der Akustik-Gitarre mit Beats und effektverzerrter akustischer Gitarre. Was das Klavier anbetrifft arbeite ich manchmal mit Virtuosen wie Roman (Roman Sillipp), der die noch nicht erschienene Nummer "Der Bänkelsänger" arrangiert hat, der erste Cut. Ich habe keine Samples verwendet, sondern MIDI-Patches die Bandinabox spielt und Bandinabox's vorab im Studio aufgenommene Instrumentalschnipsel von Jack Pearson and anderen.

5. One great originality is that each of your songs start by a sort of jingle of 30 seconds duration and it's the same instrumental beginning for every song. Can you explain why ? 
Eine tolle Eigenheit ist, daß jeder deiner Lieder mit einer Art Jingle von 30 Sekunden Dauer beginnt und es ist der selbe instrumentale Anfang für jedes Lied. Kannst Du erklären warum ?

  • Well the jingle, if you ripping streams with devices like MR Recorder you have to engage more with the product and in any case it introduces over again the title-track "Der Koks-Zug ist da". After all, limited soundquality consumations on Internet-Radio are for free. For example has an upload-limit of 10 Megabyte. The jingle contributes to promotion. People these days not only take whats not screwed down, but feel offended when they have to pay a dime. This comes with big record companys offering decades of music for free to optimize selling their junk. While the non-junk producer has to carry the cost and the technical competition with the heritage of the world.
  • Nun der Jingle, wenn du Musik-Streams mit Anwendungen wie dem MR Recorder rippst mußt du das Produkt näher kennenlernen und in jedem Fall wird immer wieder die Titel-Nummer "Der Koks-Zug ist da" vorgestellt. Die Konsumation von Internet-Radio mit begrenzter Soundqualität ist schließlich gratis. zum Beispiel hat ein Upload-Limit von 10 Megabyte. Der Jingle trägt zur Vermarktung bei. 
    Die Leute heutzutage nehmen nicht nur alles gratis was nicht angeschraubt ist, sondern sind beleidigt wenn sie ein paar Cent beitragen müssen. Das kommt daher, daß große Plattenfirmen über Jahrzehnte erschienene Musik gratis anbieten um den Vertrieb ihres Mists zu optimieren. Während der 'Perlen vor die Säue'-Produzent die tatsächlichen Produktionskosten samt Vertrieb tragen muß und im Wettbewerb mit dem mit hohem technischen Aufwand produzierten künstlerischen Erbe der Menschheit steht.

6. By the term of "Austro-Pop", is it simply the way to define your music style or is it more a mean for you to claim your identity as an Austrian, for example by singing in your native language, especially in a world where it's "politically correct" to sing in English and in a standard way ? 
Mit dem Begriff "Austro-Pop", ist das einfach ein Weg deinen Musikstil zu definieren oder ist es mehr ein Mittel deine Identität als Österreicher geltend zu machen, zum Beispiel durch Singen in deiner Muttersprache, besonders in einer Welt wo es 'politisch korrekt' ist standardmäßig in Englisch zu singen ?

  • Austro-Pop is a common term in Austria, invented by music-press, to refer to domestic singer-songwriter and band products that use all sort coloured Austrian language, have a local attitude and stay to a certain appeal of quality composing and genuine thought. It is quite naturally for me to sing this style. 
  • Austro-Pop ist ein gebräuchlicher Begriff in Österreich, erfunden von der Musikpresse, gemünzt auf inländische Liedermacher und Band-Produkte, die sich in aller Art gefärbter Österreichischer Sprache ausdrücken, eine örtlich bezogene Lebenseinstellung haben und auf einen gewissen Anspruch der Qualitätskomposition und echten inhaltlichen Ausdruck halten. Es ist sehr naheliegend für mich in dieser Art zu singen. 

7. How many albums (or EPs) have you done so far and have you some new release to come ? 
Wie viele Alben (oder EPs) hast Du bisher fertiggstellt und hast Du irgendwelche Neuerscheinungen in Planung ?

  • "Der Koks-Zug ist da" is my first album. The release extends simply with feasibility to produce it and sell it profitable. The more you buy it, the sooner it plays. 
  • "Der Koks-Zug ist da" ist mein erstes Album. Die Neuerscheinungen werden ausgeweitet einfach mit der verfügbaren Produktionskapazität und der Möglichkeit die Produktion profitabel abzusetzen. Je mehr du kaufst, umso rascher werden die Nummern zu hören sein. 

8. Are your songs expressing something like the time passing or the things changing ? 
 Bringen deine Lieder etwas zum Ausdruck wie das Vergehen der Zeit oder den Wandel der Dinge ?

  • Not in particular. I mean time passes and things change, at least in our perception, so there may be always an aspect of time, at least in most songs. The title track "Der Kokszug ist da" for example describes change as this train overcomes the 'plains of ignorance' to deliver 'love, enlightenment and pay' to the town, but at most 4% of my songs unreleased express extensively on change, seasons or passing of life. 
  • Nicht im Besonderen. Ich meine die Zeit vergeht und die Dinge verändern sich, zumindestens in unserer Wahrnehmung, daher mag da immer ein Aspekt der Zeit sein, zumindest in den meisten Liedern. Der Titel-Song "Der Kokszug ist da" zum Beispiel beschreibt insofern den Wandel, als dieser Zug die 'Ebenen der Ignoranz' überwindet um 'Liebe, Erleuchtung und den Lohn' ins Städtchen zu bringen, aber höchstens 4% meiner unveröffentlichten Lieder behandeln in ausgedehntem Maß den Wandel der Zeit, Saisonen oder das Dahinscheiden des Lebens. 

9. Who are the singers composers, the bands (of your country or not, of your language or not, alive or not) that seem for you the more closer and are there some artists (music or other arts) having influenced you ? 
Wer sind die Sänger, Komponisten, die Bands (deines Landes oder nicht, deiner Sprache oder nicht, am Leben oder nicht) die dir näher erscheinen und sind da Künstler (Musik oder andere Künste) die dich beeinflußt haben ?

  • Well over the decades there are many influences you may call the 'ideas of a time' or as I expressed it asked by Radio Source FM 96,1 for a little background, that I was 'amazed by what austropoppers accomplished' overall. This influenced me. In early days I wrote a song that ponders about the work of W. Ambros, it is an epigonalism like Bob Dylan sang about Woody Guthrie. In still earlier time I wrote songs in English and produced of that Cassette-Recorder Demos. I was 20 and from time to time meeting A&R representatives of the local labels. I remember writing a song in my parents home as a teenager, quite original, but with somewhat unwarped measurements on none less than David Bowie. It was in the end classical music that influenced me first and most turningpointly. 
  • Nun über die Jahrzehnte gibt es viele Einflüsse die man die 'Ideen einer Zeit' nennen könnte oder wie ich es ausdrückte, als ich von Radio Source FM 96,1 um ein bißchen Hintergrundinformation gefragt wurde, daß ich 'verblüfft war was Austropopper zustandegebracht hatten' in vielerlei Hinsicht. Das beeinflusste mich. In frühen Tagen schrieb ich ein Lied das über das Werk von W. Ambros sinniert, es ist ein Epigonalismus wie Bob Dylan über Woody Guthrie sang. In noch früherer Zeit schrieb ich Lieder in Englisch und produzierte davon Cassetten-Recorder Demos. Ich war 20 und traf ab und zu A&R-Leute der örtlichen Platten-Labels. Ich erinnere mich ein Lied bei meinen Eltern Zuhause geschrieben zu haben als Teenager, durchaus originär, doch mit recht unbefangener Orientierung an niemand geringerem als David Bowie. Schlußendlich aber war es Klassische Musik die mich zuerst und am entscheidendsten beeinflusste. 

10. Which singers, which bands do you like to listen to ? 
Welche Sänger, welche Bands hörst du gerne ?

  • Well this changes in the years. The last three years, Joni Mitchell is in a clear lead. Suzanne Vega, Cat Stevens/Yussuf. 
  • Nun das ändert sich im Verlauf der Jahre. In den letzten drei Jahren ist Joni Mitchell klar in Führung. Suzanne Vega, Cat Stevens/Yussuf. 

11. When and why have you decided to be singer composer ? 
Wann und warum hast du dich entschlossen Sänger und Komponist zu werden ?

  • I was interested early in composing, but an activity one may call songwriting started in my teenages. I enjoyed to create songs. A bonus of this activity is, that if you write a song, you know how to play it and in these days songbooks were expensive, not to speak of instruction. Turning 20 I finished engineering-school, I spread casette-recorder demos and a small label told me I need a professional demo and who would record it. This demo I presented Polygram and they offered me test-recordings, which I turned down as they rather aimed to shelve the thing, so I raised for airplay. At this time I hadn't yet decided to go in the musicbusiness or do this professionally. I wasn't too sure about my songs and simply chanced it. A week later, I met a promoter named Johann Hausner that tried to get me a contract. Polygrams tactic showed, they turned his offer down. Hausner had managed the Ambros-Tour for ten years and ghostwrited a bunch of hits for him, managed Georg Danzers tour and ghostwrited songs for him, had still international top-acts like Jose Feliciano in his portfolio. I had not only no contract, I wasn't sure being able to deliver songs that will work. Hausner and I met now at regular intervals knocking a cup of liquor, I delivered songs and he pushed for contract for almost two years. In this phase I decided to go pro, most of all he gave me confidence. Before that I wasn't sure if my songs could compete, but he told me how to refine a song and played me on the piano the raw songs he had written for the stars. Unfortunately he got in some business turbulence these days and working too hard he died in a horrible car accident. It was said he crashed napping in a wall. So he failed to get the contract, but as I saw him falling, I sort of decided to do it anyway. 
  • Ich war früh interessiert am Komponieren, aber eine Aktivität die man Lieder schreiben nennen könnte begann als Teenager. Es machte mir Spaß Lieder zu schreiben. Ein Vorteil dieser Beschäftigung ist, daß wenn du einen Song schreibst dann weißt du wie man ihn spielt und in diesen Tagen waren Songbooks sehr teuer, ganz zu schweigen von Anleitung zum Gitarrespiel. Mit 20 war ich mit der HTL fertig, ich verbreitete Cassetten-Recorder Demos und ein kleines Label empfahl mir ein professionelles Demo und wer es aufnehmen könnte. Dieses Demo stellte ich der Polygram vor und die boten mir Probeaufnahmen an, was ich ablehnte, da die eher darauf abzielten das zu schubladisieren und so drängte ich auf Rundfunk-Ausstrahlung. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt hatte ich mich noch nicht entschieden ins Musikgeschäft zu gehen oder das beruflich auszuüben. Ich war mir keineswegs sicher über meine Songs und ließ es einfach darauf ankommen. Eine Woche später, traf ich einen Promoter namens Johann Hausner der versuchte mir einen Vertrag zu beschaffen. Nun kam Polygrams Taktik ans Tageslicht, die lehnten sein Angebot ab. Hausner hatte die Ambros Tour für zehn Jahre gemanagt und einen Schwung Hits für ihn geschrieben, hatte Georg Danzers Tour gemanagt und Lieder für ihn geschrieben, hatte immer noch internationale Top-Acts wie Jose Feliciano im Portfolio. Ich hatte nicht nur keinen Vertrag, ich war mir nicht sicher ob ich in der Lage sein würde Lieder abzuliefern die funktionieren. Hausner und ich trafen uns nun in regelmäßigen Abständen auf ein Stamperl, ich lieferte Songs ab und er versuchte einen Vertrag aufzustellen für fast zwei Jahre. In dieser Phase entschied ich mich das professionell zu machend, vorallem gewann ich durch ihn Selbstsicherheit. Davor war ich mir nicht sicher ob meine Lieder konkurrenzfähig sind aber er erklärte mir wie man einen Song veredelt und spielte mir auf dem Klavier die Rohfassungen der Lieder vor die er für die Stars geschrieben hatte. Unglücklicherweise kam er geschäftlich in Schwierigkeiten in jenen Tagen und überarbeitet starb er bei einem schrecklichen Autounfall. Mir wurde berichtet er war im Sekundenschlaf gegen eine Wand gekracht. So scheiterte er den Vertrag zu bekommen, aber als ich ihn fallen sah, entschloss ich mich es jetzt erst recht zu machen. 

12. It seems your lyrics songs are written in a sort of German dialect ? Is it the German language you learnt in your area or have you, for artistic purpose, changed some words or sentences (like for example "Ich" that becomes "I" or "Mein" that becomes "Mei", and so on) or is it a way for you or people like you to purify the German language to avoid it can be damaged ? 
Es scheint, deine Lyrics sind in einer Art deutschem Dialekt geschrieben ? Ist dies die deutsche Sprache die du in deiner Gegend gelernt hast oder hast du aus künstlerischen Gründen manche Wörter oder Sätze verändert (wie z.B. "Ich" das zu "I" wird oder "Mein" das zu "Mei" wird usw.) oder ist es ein Weg für dich oder Leute wie dich um die deutsche Sprache aufzubereiten und deren Verfall hintanzuhalten ?

  • It's pretty much the local Idiom in my area. I or Mei is pure viennice dialect. As there is some variety of dialect in some of the areas or territorys, I use sometimes standard German and these variations to blend it a bit for artistic purpose as staying in the measure and the rhyme. Purification is point of view which is the standard, but it's not intended, while artistic reasons for expressing things in colloquial language or standard elegantly or enjoyable exist. 
  • Es ist ziemlich weitgehend das örtliche Idiom meiner Gegend. "I" oder "Mei" ist reiner Wiener Dialekt. Ich verwende einige Vielfalt des Dialekts die in manchen Gegenden oder Bundesländern besteht manchesmal neben Schriftdeutsch und streue diese örtlichen Abwandlungen ein wenig ein, aus künstlerischen Gründen etwa das Maß oder den Reim einzuhalten. Was Reinheit ist, ist eine Frage des Standpunktes was man als den Standard betrachtet, jedoch auf eine Aufbereitung so oder so ist nicht abgezielt, wogegen künstlerische Gründe Dinge elegant oder genüsslich in Umgangssprache oder Schriftsprache auszudrücken bestehen. 

13. What do you think of the "new world order" and do you think it will have some influence on art ? 
Was hältst du von der "Neuen Welt-Ordnung" und denkst du sie wird die Kunst beeinflussen ?

  • Pure nonsense, as far as I know. Nonsense can of course have influence on art. I dont know. 
  • Kompletter Unsinn, soweit ich weiß. Unsinn kann natürlich Einfluß auf die Kunst haben. Ich weiß nicht. 

14. Do you sometimes sing committed songs ? 
Singst du manchmal kritische Lieder ?

  • Committed..? If you mean social commited, not in particular, but there are of course in many songs occasional aspects of critizism on social issues. Outright 'protest-songs' I would say at most 1%. 
  • Kritisch..? Wenn du sozialkritisch meinst, nicht im Besonderen, natürlich sind da in vielen Liedern manche Aspekte der Kritik zu gesellschaftlichen Streitfragen. Unverblümte 'Protest-Songs' würde ich sagen höchstens 1%. 

15. Do you only compose and sing in "recording studio" or do you plays also live ? And in this case where do you go to play your live shows ? 
Komponierst und singst du nur im Studio oder spielst du auch live ? Und wenn dies der Fall ist wo spielst du deine Live-Shows ?

  • Actually there are no live activities in a launching phase, because if you want guaranteed tour-success, the production is not as easy as putting a dude with guitar behind a microphone. I hope to go on tour, but that depends a bit on how the internet PR turns out, because this is a huge investment. If things go very lucky this year, I could think of arranging some small gigs but it definitely doesn't even remotely look like that.  
  • Es sind keine Live-Shows wirklich unmittelbar auf dem Spielplan, da wenn du garantierten Tour-Erfolg willst, die Produktion nicht damit getan ist einen Typ mit Gitarre hinters Mikrofon zu stellen. Ich hoffe auf Tour zu gehen, aber das hängt ein bißchen davon ab wie die Internet-PR läuft, da das große Investitionen erfordert. Wenn sich die Dinge dieses Jahr noch sehr glücklich entwickeln, könnte ich überlegen ein paar kleine Gigs zu organisieren, aber es sieht gewiss nicht im Entferntesten danach aus. 

16. Are your 4 songs "Die Liebe", "I bin Schuld", "Mei Zeuge" and "Carolyn" from an album or are they singles ? 
Sind deine 4 Lieder "Die Liebe", "I bin Schuld", "Mei Zeuge" und "Carolyn" von einem Album oder sind das Singles ?

  • "Die Liebe", "Carolyn" and "Die Erleuchtung" are single releases from the album "Der Koks-Zug ist da", you can buy them on CD. "I bin schuld", "Mei Zeuge" are two tracks from this album, available on Google Play Music for download. Further tracks will be released, in accordance to production capacity and sales. 
  • "Die Liebe", "Carolyn" und "Die Erleuchtung" sind als Single-Auskoppelungen erschienen vom Album "Der Koks-Zug ist da", du kannst sie auf CD kaufen. "I bin schuld", "Mei Zeuge" sind zwei Titel vom Album, erhältlich als Download bei Google Play Music. Weitere Titel werden erscheinen, je nach den Produktionsmöglichkeiten und Absatzzahlen. 

17. One of your song "Mei Zeuge" is more "military" than most orther ones ? Dose this song means something special compared to the other ones ? 
Eines deiner Lieder "Mei Zeuge" ist "militärischer" als die meisten anderen ? Bedeutet das etwas Spezielles verglichen zu den anderen ?

  • "Mei Zeuge" is a song about work. The subdued working is described in notions of custody and say military disciplin. 
  • "Mei Zeuge" ist ein Lied über die Arbeit. Das unterdrückte Arbeiten wird in Begriffen von Gefangenschaft und sagen wir mal militärischer Disziplin beschrieben. 

18. Have you a song you prefer to the other you composed ? 
Gefällt dir eines deiner Lieder mehr als andere die du komponiert hast ?

  • Of the released I prefer "Die Liebe". 
  • Von den erschienenen Liedern gefällt mir "Die Liebe" am Besten. 

19. Thank you very much Thomas for having kindly answered my questions. Good luck, great success and be seeing you ! 
Vielen Dank Thomas daß du so freundlich warst meine Fragen zu beantworten. Viel Glück, viel Erfolg und ich freue mich dich Wiederzusehen !

  • Allright, my pleasure, thanks..
  • Alles klar, hat mich gefreut, danke.. 

Google Play

Carolyn (by Thomas SCHENK)
Mei Zeuge (by Thomas SCHENK)
Die Liebe (by Thomas SCHENK)


Hi FRACTURED SPINE and hi everyone !

Today Phoenix has now the great pleasure to post a review about an awesome atmospheric, melodic Death/Doom metal band from Finland.
They're 2 members, Antti and Timo (Antti's cousin) living in a city having the sweet name  of Hämeenlinna (maybe in relation with the famous Pied Piper of Hamelin in Germany ?), about 100 km from Helsinki the capital of Finland.

FRACTURED SPINE (whose name in itself tells about depression, sorrow, distress, misfortune about the world, about people) is, like often class experimented and subtle bands are, difficult to classify precisely but we can say that they play Melodic Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal with big Gothic influence and classical basis
Antti and Timo began to compose since the nineties but their first official song was released only in 2004. 
In their music we can notice many influences of the best former indie British Atmospheric, Shoegaze bands (like Slowdive, Chapterhouse, Field Mice, St-Christopher, Revolver, Biff Bang Poe, and so on..) from the best indie British music labels (Sarah Records, Creation Records to mention some of the most famous ones). 
Some bands that Fractured Spine like to sound like are their Finnish compatriots ShamRain(Atmospheric Melodic Rock) and Swallow The Sun (Death Doom Metal). 
One great originality of Fractured Spine is that, their songs being often sung by both Antti and Timo, they are able to make songs mixing, with a high subtle level and without distorsion, at the same time a clean, pure and sensual voice and a harsch dark deep voice, like in the song "Acheron" where a pure and cool sensual voice is suddenly changed into a terrific deep voice worthy of the very famous Norwegian Symphonic Black Metal band Dimmu Borgir (born, like Fractured Spine, in the eighties). 
In the band Antti manages instruments, vocals and lyrics while Timo manages vocals and lyrics too. 
Like many professional Death/Black/Doom Metal bands, Fractured Spine find some of their inspiration from the great American writer H.P Lovecraft, especially in their album "Songs of Slumber" (released in 2013) for which a nice quote could be I think "For which always sleeps will never die and all strange eras long the Death itself can die." 
There is something very original also and maybe unique in this album "Songs of Slumber" in that the name of the song number 1 " cross the river of..." finds its end in the name of the song number 2 "Acheron", meaning even more the cleverness and fineness of Fractured Spine. Note that the same typing style is used in the album of 2014 "Memoirs of a Shattered Mind" with the song number 1 "...and now you're..." followed by the song number 2 "Dead to Me". 
The 3rd song "This Dying Soul" from the album "Memoirs of a Shattered Mind" (released in 2014) is an exceptionally beautiful Metal Gothic Rock song with a very subtle and changing melody and pure sensual voice, and the lyrics were written by Mikko, Antti's brother. This heart touching song talks about depression, a very common topic in the Black/Doom/Gothic area.  
Fractured Spine never bores because their style is very various, with sometimes pure instrumentals, sweet ballads, and sometimes heavy Metal songs with growling voices, Gothic Metal songs, and the limit is only imagination, depending of their current feelings.

FRACTURED SPINE works are : 

  • "Remains" (3 tracks EP, 2018).
  • "Stolen Pieces" (4 tracks EP, 2018). 
  • "The Price of Retribution" (5 tracks EP, 2017). 
  • "Failed Pieces" (4 tracks EP, 2017) in which you can listen to a wonderful Experimental Atmospheric and Shoegaze song named "Tru" with a magnifiscent piano, guitar and drums concerto enhanced by a voice close to the Synthpop style
  • "Memoirs of a Shattered Mind" (8 tracks album, 2014). 
  • "Songs of Slumber" (10 tracks album, 2013) containing the 2 hits "Restless" that begins like an acoustic guitar piece of music with a weak voice then suddenly becomes a deep hard piece of Death Metal and the whole song is obviously a great song. This album ends with a wonderful long duration Symphonic Black Metal song "Zoar" with a remarkable Heavy Metal melody
  • "Eerie Messages" (10 tracks demo album, 2012).  
  • "Frost" (6 tracks demo album, 2008). 
I want to talk also about the artwork of FRACTURED SPINE albums that show the progression and change of feeling of the band : 
While the artwork of their 2 first demo albums (of 2008 and 2012) express some symbolism (nature and quest of freedom), "Songs of Slumber" (2013) is more 3D designed and obviously influenced by the universe of H.P Lovecraft (the tentacle of Cthulhu !) while "Memoirs of a Shattered Mind" (2014) and "The Price of Retribution" (2017) have a very Gothic style. However "Failed Pieces" (2017) cover art is a simple old but nice and very aesthetic broken piano keyboard. The 2 last EPs "Stolen Pieces" and "Remains", both released in 2018, were made in the pure class macabre gothic style

To conclude this review, not forgetting to mention that their network and fan base is extremly importantFractured Spine already having more than 80.000 likers and followers on facebook ,which is exceptional, even more from a "so called" indie and underground band ! 
I hope you'll have understood that Fractured Spine is at the same time a very talented, unique, touching Melodic Death/Doom Metal band which deserve to be known all over  the world. 

Les principaux liens de FRACTURED SPINE sont :

Official music video of the song "In the Shade" from the album of 2017 "Songs of Slumber" by FRACTURED SPINE

Listen (below) to "This Dying Soul" from the album of 2014 "Memoirs of a Shattered Mind" by FRACTURED SPINE, depressive song written by Mikko


Hello CHRONIC TWILIGHT and hello everyone !

Phoenix is very happy to post this new review about a Gothic-Rock band but not a usual Gothic-Rock band... and even if you're not specialist or even not total fan of this music  style I don't doubt you'll be charmed and you'll find enjoyment to listen to the subtle and class music and voice of CHRONIC TWILIGHT, alias Michael LOUIS from Nashville in Tennessee (USA), who is already famous and respected in the professional area. 

Some infos about Chronic Twilight and Michael Louis... Michael Louis is a multi instrumentalist and baritone vocalist having released his first album "Hymns for Heliophobes" (great title for Dark music, isn't it ?!) in 2017.  
The music of Chronic Twilight is usually composed of guitar, synthesizer, bass, and drums to give a very special and unique atmosphere.  
Chronic Twilight's last release is a EP (4 tracks) named "Vulnerable" and its spearhead song "Misfortune of Me", so dark, deep, reminding somehow Cure or Christian Death but also Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division of course, in a pure Goth Punk style with clear and sensual male voice, is already a hit through its music video version with so far more than 7000 views on the official youtube channel of the band (direct link below). 
The cover art of "Vulnerable" in itself is also very well thought because it represents the idea of the mask hidding the real personality of any of us.. something anyone should think about...
Speaking of the official music video of this song, it's really well filmed and nicely edited while simply, and it's because it's simple and without useless artifice that it's a very pleasant video to watch, I liked very much the pure dark light that subtly enlights Michael Louis and the guitarist. 
"Misfortune of Me" was several times reviewed (by Nowhere Now Records especially) and playlisted for example by the Peruvian Radio "In Club" and in the USA at San Antonio in the Night Shift Radio Show of the DJ Rickbats. 
For all these reasons and for the pleasure to listen, "Misfortune of Me" really deserves to be a masterpiece of the Dark music and can be qualified also of Depressive Goth so the lyrics and style express so well melancholy, misanthropic feeling. Some originality of the song is also that it ends like if the music died... which is logical for a Dark song ! 
But the 3 other songs of the EP are everything but poor and weak and really different from "Misfortune of Me" and this variety represents also the high quality of the EP with the 3rd one "April Always", whose title means some hope, very different and interesting track also, more joyful and however very dark, more Synth also, this one reminded me maybe some great classical bands music like Fields of the Nephilim. Personally, listening to this song, I remembered also "I Saw the Sun" by the great ancient British shoegaze band Slowdive. 
The 3rd track, simply named "Crawl", is maybe the more despairing one of the EP and nevertheless an excellent track that should stay in your mind long time after you'd have heard it. Listening to "Crawl" I had a strange feeling of being the misfortunate hero of a new H.P Lovecraft frightening story. 
The last 4th song "Poisoned Ease" sounds for me like an obsessive melody that runs in the head like a snake or a spider. I really loved hearing this song. 
To summarize, this EP "Vulnerable" is simply a masterpiece of the Goth Punk Dark and Depressive genre and really I advice anyone, fan or not of this kind of music, to find it. 
Sometimes, hearing the songs of "Vulnerable", I think of the Shoegaze atmospheric British band Chapterhouse that is a big reference in the music genre.

Les principaux liens de CHRONIC TWILIGHT sont : 

Discover the official music video of the hit and masterpiece Depressive Gothic song "Misfortune of Me" by CHRONIC TWILIGHT

Watch the official Dark..Dark Dark music video "God is Dead" by CHRONIC TWILIGHT

PHOENIX REVIEW . June 15th, 2018 (UPD#2) . WEESP

PHOENIX is glad to have updated WEESP review (please scroll down to read it) with their new clip "Black Sails". 

Black Sails is an idea of freedom and unity of extraordinary thinking people. It’s about hard path of being different. We want to give a piece of our support to all the people who have enough faith to chose this path.

Enjoy the new stuff of this talented Belarus band of Alternative Electronic Rock and Pogressive Metal ! 

Here their bandcamp page :

PHOENIX REVIEW . May 26th, 2018 (UPD#1) . WEESP

PHOENIX is glad to have updated WEESP review (please scroll down to read it) with their new clip "Who We Are".

Enjoy the new stuff of this talented Belarus band of Alternative Electronic Rock and Pogressive Metal !

Here their bandcamp page :

PHOENIX REVIEW . March 24th, 2018 . Marino CARGNEL

Hello Marino CARGNEL and hello everyone !

I'm enchanted to publish today a review I wrote about Marino CARGNEL, an Italian artist from Pieve di Cadore who makes an unusual and very interesting music mixed of guitar, bass and electronic that can be defined by alternative and progressive electronic jazz-rock.

This review will be dedicated to the album "Illusions Snoisulli", one of the 3 full albums (besides "Snake and Sounds" and "No Right Time") that Marino produced in 2017 from his home in the Dolomites Mountains.
Like most albums of this progressive acoustic genre, all the 3 albums of Marino Cargnel have long duration : more than 80 mn for "Illusions Snoisulli" and "Snake and Sounds", while "No Right Time" has almost 60 mn duration. 
So we can say that "Illusions Snoisulli" deserves to be called a LP (Long Play) album ! but if the average duration of the tracks is almost 6 mn it doesn't mean it's a boring work, not at all and, having conscientiously heard all of them, my opinion is that it's a real masterpiece of electro acoustic jazz. 
Considering the album "Illusions Snoisulli", sometimes it's a deconstructed, thumping, psychedelic and depressed jazz metal like the 1st track "Illusions" in which appear wailing feminine voices and strange laughs like coming from nowhere or from beyond the mountains, and this music would perfectly fit some French or Italian films of the sixties.
Sometimes, like in "Apple Tree" the 2nd track, it's the harmonium sound and a style close to the famous English psychedelic rock band "The Fall" founded in the seventies. This track would be a perfect soundrack for an Italian horrific thriller or giallo (like those of the great directors Mario Bava, Lamberto Bava, Antonio Margheriti or Riccardo Freda). 
Some other tracks, especially the 3rd "Blanca Senora", 4th "Clara Luna", 6th "Blue Rain" and 8th "Green Black" are more guitar and noizy jazz, while there is a special track, the 5th "The Sky is Blue" which is a very nice and smooth serenade. 
I'll make a particular attention to "There's no War between Animals", the 7th track, in that, having a duration of more than 9mn, it's the longest track of the album and deserves obviously to ba called a progressive track. On the other hand, this track is an awesome experimental new wave one and we can just be fascinated by the subtle mix with animals sounds (frogs especially) and human and industrial noises (car horn). 
I see in this track a tough critisism of our modern society like a war between human live and animal life. 
This track makes me also think of some great ecological films of the seventies like "Frogs" or "Ants" in which the soundtrack were often mixed with human and animals sounds. 
"Hello", the 9th track, is rather distressing and also very interesting. 
Finally the 11th and last of the album, named "Morning", is on the contrary much more entertaining, it's a sort of gathering punctuated by some birds songs (at the beginning of the track) and with lot of electric guitar.
Marino CARGNEL deserves huge attention and to be considered as an important and cutting edge electronic artist.

Les principaux liens de Marino CARGNEL sont :

PHOENIX INTERVIEW . February 28th, 2018 . Marco CINELLI

Marco Cinelli is destined to be a star” (Iggy Pop)

video-clip of Uh-Some (by Marco CINELLI)


1. Hello Marco ! Phoenix is glad to welcome you for this interview ! 
My pleasure. I am so excited to see what these questions will have me say…  

2. As an Italian, I guess you like soccer ? Are you more Juventus, Roma, Fiorentino, Napoli, AC Milan, Inter Milan fan ? 
I am an AS Roma supporter. My father told me I can change everything in life except for the football team I love. I was imposed to be an AS Roma supporter, but I’ve been loving the team after all. Problem is that going to the stadium has became now a bit out of the way for me. 

3. Is Marco Cinelli your real name or your artist name ? 
It’s my real name. A lot of people ask me if I have middle names, but no, my full name written on the passport is Marco Cinelli. I am happy to see that it sounds good enough to be taken as an artist name.  

4. Is Marco Cinelli a single person or a band ? 
it’s just me. Maybe I should credit the other musicians,  but I wanted to avoid things like Marco Cinelli & the Dirty Dicks or stuff like that. 

5. Do you personally compose your music and write your lyrics ? 
Yessir. I can say that I am rightfully entitled of “singer-songwriter” the old traditional way.  

6. Do you play an instrument ? 
Yes. I play guitar and piano. And guitar too. Oh, and also guitar.   

7. When have you begun to sing professionally ? 
At the age of 23. It was rather my first paid concert as lead singer. It was in a bar in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. And it was awful because I was so scared to sing wrong that I actually never sang right. 

8. Have you already released albums (or EPs) before the one you're preparing now ? 
I released several records with and for other projects, but under my name just one full-length record (“Parallel Postulate” ) and two 6-track EPs (“Breeze” and “Watch Me Movin’”) 

9. What is the name of the album you're preparing ? 
top secret.  

10. If someone asks you what is the style and genre of your music, what do you say ? 
It’s Pop music. If you wanna know all the supplementary tags, well, that’s a listener’s task. 

11. Your single "Uh-Some" is very well showcased by the clip of the same name which is very professionally made with a beautiful light, simple but efficient F/X. A clip very class, sober, so Italian isn't it ?! By the way is it intrusive to ask you how much it costed ? 
I am glad that you guys associate “Italian” with class and sobriety. I tried to make something visually interesting with a small budget. There is this guy who’s following me since the very beginning, and his name is Luca Scalia: he is the video maker and director of 80 percent of my clips. I’ve known him since high school, and he sometimes believes in my music more than I do. He’s got class, good taste, brilliant ideas and he is super quick and handy to work with. We enjoy a lot doing clips together. Now the clips cost us 1 but we hope one day they will cost us 1000 so it means that we can afford spending that amount of money in them.  

12. Congrats for the many views of your clip "Uh-some" (more than 200.000 views yet since only 2 months it's posted). Have you some statistics about the kind of public who usually likes your songs and the geographical zone ? 
Thank you, this was a brilliant achievement for me. I daily monitor my views and my statistics in order to improve my popularity. I am usually accurate in number-of-views-foreseeing and stuff like that, according to what is my type of audience and where it is from, but somehow, something changed for this last clip. I didn’t expect such a warm response. I am flattered and more motivated to release new music. 

13. The name of your single "Uh-Some" is original. Besides the obvious pun with "awesome", did you want to explain something else with the name "Uh-Some" ? 
You are the first who asked me that. Uh-some is obviously related to awe-some, but there is something else. When you think about “uh”, it’s an expression often used to reply to something you did not quite understand. For example, when someone ask you something you don’t know you may come up with a “uh?!?”. If you read the lyrics, the person whom I am talking about is certainly awesome, but also someone I don’t understand a heck of what’s going on. You know when you meet someone who completely takes your schemes and your certitudes to pieces? Isn’t he/she a bit “Uh?”-some?  

14. Is your music more electro, more instrumental or mixed ? 
My music has got electronic influences, but it’s mainly folk and soul in the melody and the chord progressions.  

15. Do you already played shows and do you perform more in Europe or in other continents ? 
I am working hard on preparing my live act. For the first time in my life I’ll perform playing mainly keyboards and synthesisers. The plan is to keep touring in Europe the way I used to do when I was based in Paris, but with this new flavor. 

16. Besides your original songs, do you sometimes make some bands or artists covers ? 
It happens sometimes. We played The Beatles with "Dig a Pony", David Bowie with "Let’s dance", The Rolling Stones with "Sway". I like to delight the crowd with a famous song. People get closer when they identify themselves with something they hear

17. Has a professional photographer made the 3 very nice black and white photos of you that you sent me and I posted above ? 
The photographer you are talking about is Enrico Caputo, one of the most talented photographer I know. It’s a coincidence that he and I are good friends. A great coincidence actually.  

18. Why do you live in England (in London I guess ?) and how long ? 
Yes, I have been London-based for one year now. I guess the fact that I sing in English makes it easy for me to live in an English-speaking country. Imagine living in Paris for four years and being suggested all the time to sing in French. Or in Italian when I was in Italy.  

19. Is your deep personality more happy or more dark ? 
Happy. I am a happy dude and very optimistic. Some may say my music could be a bit nostalgic, but that’s because I don’t sing all the time about happy things. In fact I think I prefer to sing sad songs, but this will never change my personality.  

20. Thank you very much Marco for having kindly answered my questions, good luck, great success and be seeing you ! 
Thank to all of you to be so interested in knowing about me. See you soon at one of my shows!!!

Les principaux liens de Marco CINELLI sont :

PHOENIX REVIEW . January 26th, 2018 . WEESP

Hello WEESP and hello everyone !  

This is my first official and public review and I feel very proud, very shy and very excited at the same time to write this review for a great Belarus band of Alternative Electronic Rock and Pogressive Metal.  
WEESP are from Minsk, were founded in 2008 by 3 of their 5 current members : Alex (Lex), Dmitry (Mi) and Michael (Mike) besides Stanislav (Stak) and Alexei (Gul).  

I especially focused on "Illumination", beautiful music video made for their last single of the same name.  
What interested me first while watching the clip was the beautiful cinematographic light (blue night especially), reminding me of the style of some very famous film-makers as David Lynch and used to enhance the subtle atmospheric shoegaze beginning of the song.  
About the middle of the clip, coinciding with the end of the scene of the big hammer (some politic meaning maybe ?) slowly dragged on the ground by a woman, the song progressively becomes faster and much more Metal Rock style.  
Maybe the scene representing the hammer violently hit by the woman While a man seems to suffer lying in the water has a meaning of the current social and spiritual fight between men and women ?  
For me this clip "Illumination" (by WEESP), wonderfully and professionally played, sung, filmed and edited, is a subtle metaphor of the fight for freedom that everyone should lead everytime, especially nowadays when human liberties become more and more restricted.  
Besides their last single "Illumination", the Belarus band WEESP (which by the way is also the name of a Dutch village) so far produced 5 singles, 3 EP and 1 complete album "The Void" which contains at least 4 (true) masterpieces of Rock Electronic : "Solar Empire" (very powerful), "Murderers", "Unstable Matter" (with a subtle jazzy style) and also and mostly in my opinion an extraordinary cover of an original song by The Prodigy that should stay in every music lover mind and memory and this song is "Omen" (furious and awesome energetic cover of the original song of The Prodigy).  
Note also that the song "Livan", also from the album "The Void", has more than 120.000 views on Youtube.  
Sometimes the style of WEESP reminds me of the very famous English band Muse, especially in the voice effects.  
Keep a careful eye and ear on WEESP, this very talented young band from Minsk in Belarus that already performed lot of shows.

Les principaux liens de WEESP sont :

Click on the picture below to watch the video-clip of Illumination (by WEESP)

Just for the pleasure please watch the awesome and furious energetic live of WEESP performing OMEN (The Prodigy cover) in Minsk !

50 seconds of cool piano intro but after... it's madness !!


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