The newest album release from Half Dizzy hits a killer pop punk sweet spot and does so with one hell of a gusto along with incredibly catchy songwriting and a bright approach that all together, makes this record irresistible to anyone that loves pop punk especially.

If you want to get a good idea of what this band is like then just take a look at the title of this release as it's called Courtesy Flush!

This gives you the feel of how fun this band actually is which is clearly portrayed in the music itself.

The whole band has an amazing time doing what they do and that helps them really show that energy and that personality that everyone in the band actually has.

This is definitely for Pure lovers of the genre as they hit all the marks and do it in their own personal way which is very refreshing and what's even more fun is the videos that they put out with some of the releases.

The music videos really are done for the right songs but more so are showing of how fun the band actually can be on film.

Another thing is that this is clearly a band that puts a lot into their music and what comes of it.

They make sure that there's a certain level of perfectionism within the songs as everything is produced very well and performed with a great tightness to it but it never loses that good time vibe.

And that's what you need with this genre of music. You need to be able to have a good time while blasting pop punk. This is part of what it's all about to an extent.

This is a great album to blast on the way to work because you'll have such a good time that by the time you get to work you'll be in a better mood than everyone else.

We all need records like that now don't we?

So, give a listen to Courtesy Flush and be sure to reach out and let the band know they put you in a good mood for the day.


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