(New double single)

Among the latest new releases from Mylo Bybee is something of a double single that shows the band's flexibility and uniquely creative approach to songwriting in general with an incredible and vibrant tone to everything that they do and a way of displaying that vibrancy and combination with a subtlety which all in all ends up being part of the band's staple sound and feel.

The two songs include "Master & Machine" and "Fade Me Out" which each have their own thing going on but also feed into that Mylo Bybee style.

You get elements of garage Rock, indie rock, a little bit of a mathy progressive feel, and more all rolled into one double single that speaks a lot for this band in general.

Some outstanding changes and lyrics that you end up paying attention to along with drumming that really just has this perfect drive to it and everything ends up having a melodically forward but sort of heavy-handed approach.

Upon digging deeper into the band's Spotify, we found about four even newer singles that are all amazing and if you are liking "Master & Machine" then you should have zero problem really liking any of the stuff that has come since.

So instead of suggesting that you check out this double single, we're going to suggest that you actually just check out the Mylo Bybee artist account on Spotify and start from the top down.

Either way you win.