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My Psychedelic Rock & Blues song "Newly "
has become a big HIT Check all news below !

Stream "Newly and the EP 

My new Psychedelic Doom Metal cover song "Enter the Witch House "
is becoming a HIT Check all news below !

Single link to stream "Enter the Witch House and the EP
SONIC ECLECTIC everywhere ? 
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My new Shoegaze Psychedelic Rock song "Whoo! "
is becoming a HIT ! Check all news below !

Listen to "Whoo! " and the EP SONIC ECLECTIC below !

"Whoo! " got (on the specialized site SubmitHub) 7 positive notes out of 10 (see comments below)

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SONIC ECLECTIC everywhere ? 
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"Whoo! " belongs, with 49 other songs by TEXMEX SHAMAN and other of his best talented collaborators, to the special compilation TALL TALES (by TEXMEX SHAMAN) that has been sent to the big new Chinese/South Korean/African on-line market !

On 28th June 2021, "Chunka " is ranked 9th (among more than 940 other tracks) in the TOP 10 of the International Psychedelic Rock Chart !!

With that remarkable result, "Chunka " is already and definitively one of the best international new Psychedelic Rock and shoegaze track of 2021.

Also ranked 107th (among more than 267.890 other tracks !!) in the General Rock Chartit's now a renowned new Rock track.

"Chunka " , in the TOP 10 of the International Psychedelic Rock Chart, in on streaming on spotify !

You can also listen to "Vimana " directly on spotify at...

On 17th May 2021, "Vimana " is now  in the TOP 10 of the SoundClick's International Psychedelic Rock Chart !!!

RANKED 6TH after having moved up 7 positions since yesterday (among more than 900 other tracks) at the SoundClick's International Psychedelic Rock Chart, "Vimana " is now one of the best international new Psychedelic Rock track of the year.

Having also moved up 33 positions (among more than 267.470 other tracks !!) to reach rank 67th at the General Rock Chartit's now a renowed new Rock track.

"Vimana " in the TOP 10 of the SoundClick's International Psychedelic Rock Chart !!!

Click below to Listen now to "Vimana " at Spotify 

"Vimana " got (after a SubmitHub campaign) an ideal result of 17 positive notes in 18 (43/100 as the lower note) including a 95/100 (see comments below)

"Newly " got (after a SubmitHub campaign) an exceptional result of 17 positive notes in 18 including a 99/100 and a perfect 100/100 (see comments below) 

Today March 20th, 2021 "Newly "entered directly 15th at the Alternative / Indie Top 50 Chart

Today March 23rd, 2021, "Newly " has been also approved as a "shout-out" by the Colombian influencer Kelly Garcia "Kellygon" and added in the Indie Music playlist (click on the below image)

"Scheau " got (after a SubmitHub campaign) 19 positive notes on 21, including 2 exceptional notes of 100/100 (see comments below) 

For 3 consecutive days (March 4th to 6th) "Scheau " was ranked at the Alternative / Indie Top 50 Chart

New MusicSaturday #NMS prt2 #DownTheRabbitHole Dr.Bones and Special Guest Cohost TexMex Shaman


Exceeding now 25200 fuckin' listenings !
"Scheau " is a big Spotify hit !
Click on the below link to check it !

TexMex Shaman's last single "scheau " airplay (Timecode 6:54) at the New Music Saturday's show Saturday October 3rd, 2020 !

You can listen to "SCHEAU " also on the Spotify Playlist 
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TexMex Shaman's biography :

TexMex Shaman, founded by Stephen WATKINS in October 2018, offers a genre-defying sound that combines funk beats, intense guitar, smooth bass and captivating samples into tracks that are at once familiar and novel.

TexMex Shaman was created to be a response to commercial, corporatized music that follows formulas and conventions. By pushing the envelope on musical genres and taking listeners on an auditory journey that is as stream of consciousness as it is musically engaging, TexMex Shaman is a new vision for what modern music can be.

TexMex Shaman's influences :

Bardo Pond, Focus, The Fall

Texmex Shaman
Fever In The South

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Mike Occul's blog

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