THE BUDDHA PESTS . Budapest (Hungary / England)
Art Punk Rock / Dream-Pop

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(30 August 2022)

É uma banda que estreia por aqui com um trabalho revelado no Youtube há quase um mês e que iremos falar mais sobre abaixo.
Intitulado 'She doesn't bother', esse videoclipe foi lançado no segundo dia de Agosto e que iremos apresentar logo a seguir. Sendo uma faixas mais recentes deles, ela é definida como uma espécie de "música espiritual sobre alguém que não quer ajuda e temos que perceber que temos que aceitar isso", comenta o release oficial.
Com uma sonoridade que trafega por vertentes do rock como o alternativo/garage/punk, nos quesito instrumentais, enquanto o estilo vocal passa principalmente pelo indie rock ao longo de toda extensão dessaa faixa.

The band The Buddha Pests was created by the frontman Peter Derzbach in 2006 and since then he is the only permanent member of this great rock group.
Now the band is based in London, where it has successfully resumed active concert activity after the pandemic. The Buddha Pests also includes musicians from Italy and Spain, which makes this band a colorful and unique phenomenon on the London rock scene.

Their new single is called 'She doesn't bother' and is a composition that fully shows their talent and charisma. The song fascinates with its twists and turns and various style searches that cover psychedelic rock and grunge, garage rock and alternative.  


Hailing from London is this song, a force to be reckoned with. A song that’s one of the more successful marriages of Punk and Psychedelia that I’ve personally encountered over the last couple of years. And it’s here courtesy of The Buddha Pests.
The Buddha Pests are a continental Punk and Alt Rock outfit fronted by the talented Peter Derzbach from Hungary, with Italian Alessandro and Nicola on the Lead Guitar and the Bass respectively, and Jonathan, a Spaniard, on the Drums. Having fronted the band since 2006, surviving multiple guises and lineups, Peter is an experienced musician with no little amount of dedication, and his optimism regarding the band’s current lineup is easy to spot the reason for.

Video for She doesn't bother , released in 2022, comes as an interesting audiovisual journey, it's easy to get carried away and savor this sound.
The Buddha Pests, is a band that has had some formations, since its beginning in 2006, being currently composed by Peter Derzbach only constant, Alessandro, Nicola and Johnathan, who with their different personalities and lifestyles, help to create more intense layers. and mixed for the compositions.
Talent and poetry of a dark soul, key components that generate the lyrics of sound works, stories surrounded by beauty and emotions, creating scenarios and illustrations that go beyond the mind, and connect to the soul.

The Buddha Pests lança o novo single "She Doesn't Bother" sendo o segundo trabalho lançado nesse ano.
Anteriormente, eles lançaram o single "Song For Tom". A banda também possui 2 álbuns "Alone Ignored No Trouble" en 2019 com 9 faixas e "Excluded From The Cemetery" em 2018 com 8 faixas.
The Buddha Pests é uma banda bem europeia, formada por membros de diferentes lugares. O vocal fundador Peter é húngaro. O guitarrista que ele conheceu Alessandro é italiano, que chamou o amigo baixista Nicola. Para a bateria, conheceram o espanhol Johnathan. Isso dá uma diversidade muito boa para uma banda, com diferentes conhecimentos e técnicas, se completaram.

(20 August 2022)

Lennon, Jagger, Cobain the most successful bands have a prominent leader, a characteristic enigma, the ego at the forefront, who’s driving force of ambition catapults the band. All bands need this person it keeps the band from going stagnant, it keeps the band in order! Peter Derzbach is the one constant from a band that started playing gigs on the London circuit in 2006. that prominent frontman has kept this band alive through several band changes. Peter is more than happy now with the current line-up which has been together for almost two years and the plans they have, tells me this line-up is The Buddha Pests to move them into people consciousness.


Setting the tone with industrial, electric guitar, expanding with percussion details and an immersive bassline,
The Buddha Pests open the Radio Edit of She Doesn’t Bother with intrigue and atmospheric vocals.
However, the video version of the track opens with a luxurious and ethereal introduction with the introspective lyrics, “She doesn’t bother, I wanna save my lover, but she doesn’t bother…”, as the band from London tease the concept of the track with a live performance style scenario, before the track explodes into the industrial guitar from the main body of the opus.

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The Buddha Pests interview (January 19th, 2021)

In the name of my label Phoenix Records I want to thank a lot "Unleashing the World of Music and Poetry" for the excellent interview of THE BUDDHA PESTS.
"Recorded London - The Buddha Pests story"
is the title of the documentary film about
Peter and The Buddha Pests.

It will be soon out in Hungarian and a bit later in English.

Enjoy the exclusive jam for a new hit "Not Easy 
of the next coming album of The Buddha Pests !

This little video is extract from the coming documentary that
the Hungarian Culture Department is making for the band.

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Some stats ?
  • 4750 monthly listeners on Spotify 
  • 3300 listenings, 175 likes, 130 reposts, 20 comments on Soundcloud for the singles "Lost Wisdom of a Damaged Woman " and "Temporal Abyss ".
  • 10800 views, 180 likes on Youtube for the music videos of "All Alone " and "Excluded from the Cemetery ".

"Love the hollow drum sound to introduce that John Bonham odd beat. Love the guitar crunch sound. 1:19 is a cool little coyote howl that I can dig. The music reminds me of like Neil Young's Rust never Sleeps combined with like an Alice In Chains. Makes me wanna go smoke another pack of cigs haha. The album cover is sick btw. Good work here mate! 


The Buddha Pests Single "All Alone " - Reviews / Interviews

                                                                  Click on the banner above to read the review (September 2nd, 2020) 
Flare Music Magazine about the single "All Alone" (New Mix)

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"All Aloneis the first single from "Alone Ignored No Trouble", the 2nd album by The Buddha Pests which came out on 05-05-2019.
The Buddha Pests is a London based Hungarian, English, Russian and Italian band. 

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“All Alone was written in a period of my life when I was single after a long relationship and enjoyed my life as a single man not wanting a relationship and generally enjoying what single life means. I don’t mean running after one night stands. My life was really set up to get lost in movies, art, friends, sports and looking after myself generally, to improve myself for better, for soul, body and mind. It was a conformable way of life in London as all I had to look after was me. London helps in that to make the most out of a single. I noticed that I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed this way of life in London.

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From London, alt-punk and metal band The Buddha Pests are making quite the name! With multiple releases and having just returned from their UK tour, their sound is being compared to that of The Pixies, Queens of the Stoneage, and Joy Division. In 2006, singer-songwriter Pete Derzbach started the project. Atilla Pal on bass and occasionally vocals, as well as Simon Du Toit on vocals, are currently featured. The Buddha Pests are here to bring an exciting mix of psychedelic and heavy rock that stimulates and delights the imagination.

WATCH this old but cool interview 
of the band on NSTV !

Click on the banner above to read the review (September 9th, 2020) 
by The Static Dive about the single
All Alone" (New Mix) ranked 49th
in the Static Dive Playlist

Some of The Buddha Pests' influences : 

Muse, RATM, blur, Radiohead, Metallica, Iggy Pop, Velvet Underground, The National, David Bowie, Interpol, dEUS, AIC, Guns n' Roses, Painters, PJ Harvey, The Brian Jonestown massacre, Nick Cave, Kaiser Chiefs, We Are Scientists, Kraftwerk, The Beatles, The Kinks, Small Faces, Rolling Stones, The Clash, The Police, Neil Young, to name but a few where there are too many to mention...

The Buddha Pests' biography :

Lennon, Jagger, Cobain the most successful bands have a prominent leader, a characteristic enigma, the ego at the forefront, who’s driving force of ambition catapults the band. All bands need this person it keeps the band from going stagnant, it keeps the band in order!

Last week I had the pleasure to have a chat with lead singer/guitarist and leader of promising psychedelic rock band The Buddha Pests

Peter Derzbach is the one constant from a band that started playing gigs on the London circuit in 2006.  that prominent front-man has kept this band alive through several band changes. Peter is more than happy now with the current line-up which has been together for almost two years and the plans they have, tells me this line-up is The Buddha Pests to move them into people consciousness.

Hungarian born Peter is Joined by Italian born, Alessandro (lead Guitar) and Nicola (Bass) friends, who were both recruited through an online advertisement and Spanish born Johnathan (Drums) who’s fate was drawn to the band in a chance meeting on the High-street with Alessandro where he happened to ask if he knows of any bands looking for a drummer? Coincidentally Alessandro knew of one The Buddha Pests.

A very continental line-up that helps bring different directions of music, this mixed with different personalities adding even more intense layers.  For example, Alessandro is a devoted vegan that produces delicious vegan recipes for the band, Nicola a Barista at The Coffee Tree in Camden Town, makes what Peter describes as the best coffee in London and Jonathan not only a drummer but a DJ and loves hip-hop and rap music.

The Buddha Pests have two great albums available, two very different albums but with correlating dark, mysterious, hazy sounds with a cryptic and strong vocal front. it’s no surprising influences range to literature concealed with despair and questioning of life. The Buddha Pests first album ‘Excluded from the Cemetery’ takes its name from track on the album that Peter based around the same named Novel by Peter Marshall, a hard-to-find novel in the UK but very popular in Hungary.

The Buddha Pests produce music you disappear into, draped with a poetical backdrop of lyrics, each song is like droplets of rain through a mist during a heatwave, so much going on, with each element creating its own emotion.  You can certainly hear traces of Nick Cave and Velvet Underground especially within the lyrics, the sound certainly blends into the 70s psychedelic era and more recent sounds reminded me of the band Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster.

The music portrays stories, the poetry of a dark soul the visionary Peter, which no surprise produced some of the band’s videos and behind the forthcoming documentary, a gifted mind that is ambitious and forward thinking. This produces some of the most ingenuity beautiful music.

The band have a busy 2022, starting with the release of ‘Temporal Abyss’ as an acoustic version, a stripped back version of a fan favorite from the second album ‘Alone Ignored No Trouble’. followed by release new track ‘She Doesn’t Bother’  mixed and mastered  by Nicola, who while not making coffee or playing Bass is an amazing sound-man, closely followed by a documentary in Feb/March hopefully paving the way for a third album.

You can find both Buddha Pests albums ‘Excluded from The Cemetery’ and ‘Alone Ignored No Trouble’ on Spotify, go follow them on Instagram @thebuddhapests and their YouTube Channel to insure you are kept updated on the busy year ahead.

The Buddha Pests discography :

Current (in bold and blue) and past members :

Vocals :
Peter Derzbach, Simon Du Toit

Guitar :
Alessandro Farronato, Romeo Zsupos (2018-2019), Attila Pal (2016-2020)

Bass :
Nicola Simula, Dan Gough (2006-2008), Gianluca Rizzo (2010-2011), Martin Davis (2010-2012), Dimos Mamaloudis (2013), Matt Lee (2014-2015), Nazri Hashim (2015-2016) 

Drums :
Andrew Webb (2020), Danny Watson (2006), Alex Louis (2006), Sergio Morra (2006), György Blaskovics (2007), Attila Riegler (2007), Ruby Ruby (2007), Áron "Vasaloo" Szabó (2007-2008), Leandro Partenza (2010-2012), Pavel Protsenko (2013-2019)

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