Rem Shaw

The new EP that Rem Shaw just put out is a mass amount of rock that hits both classic and indie rock, folk and singer-songwriter styles as well.

The EP even has Americana songs that really show Rem Shaw's abilities to write songs in different styles but still keep his own sound in there.

For an EP that's 5 songs, there sure is a lot to listen to and it's all very good.

This is the type of artist that would be cool to see live and you can tell by listening to this record.

The singing is on point and the songs present a different side of him each time which is also very impressive.
It's the songwriting that is this artist's skill here. This is very clear.

Top track: Sugar Queen.
However all the songs are well performed.

It's not new but it's done right and the sound is right where it should be.

Koodos to Rem Shaw for this EP. Give us more anytime.


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