Pet Dreams

Armed with ideas, a knack for pop song writing, and a home studio that allows him to create songs from scratch, Pet Dreams is able to reach into those dreamesque states of flow and in doing so lets you follow along with stories and sounds that border on unique and brilliant styles of the genre.

The songs on the latest release called Ocean View and it makes a point of serving as a recollection or just plain old collection of the songwriters past lives if you will. More like the things in his own life that were impactful enough for the artist to write an album about it all.

Now we could be wrong of course but if you listen to the way this record unfolds, you too will find that it takes you through a history of some type.

The album is pretty big too and runs through some breathtaking and inventive keys and melodies that make up the record as a whole.

The artist had this to say about the release: "The songs on the record were written during the same time as the previous releases. I think what sets them apart isn't so much the sound, it's more that the songs on Ocean View are very different conceptually. They all address situations that require seeing things in a different perspective in order to accept them. Ocean View is just about learning to see things with an open mind.”


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