Daniel and the Sparrows

There is a new record released from Daniel and the Sparrows which is an excellent three song EP that gives you different feels with each song. 

The songs stand on their own two feet very well but the EP does have some variety and takes you for a little bit of a musical journey.

The record has a hard rock or alternative rock sound and the songwriting on this is very well done. The songs do come out catchy and have some pop styles as well.

This EP is especially great for radio style alt-rock that feels alive.

“My sound is always evolving! It's hard to pin down my genre most of the time. I used to lean very heavily on my prowess on the acoustic guitar but I've recently started to embrace the electric Guitar and synth sounds a little more.” - Daniel Lim (Daniel and the Sparrows)

You can find his new Streetlights EOP at any of the links below :