DICHO . Johannesburg (South Africa)
Afro-pop / Inspirational / Minimalist

Weekly Top 200 Streams : TOP 18 with "I MUST GO " (235 points).

Weekly Top 100 Streams : TOP 13 bis with "LIKE A SUN " (100 points).



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Some of Dicho's influences : 

Traditional African and Carribean bands like Youssou N'Dour, Kassav', Mory Kanté or Touré Kunda.

Dicho's biography :

Dicho, from Congo, went to South Africa to escape from Katanga's massacre.
He became researcher and author and wrote several books :
- "Dancing with Cannibals" (Book 1, 2 & 3) in 2015 ;
- "The Double-Decker Detective" (formerly and originally under the title "Doctor Love" with spelling correction and publishing by Phoenix Records manager) in 2018.

His pure and authentic 6-tracks EP "Like a Sun" is distributed by Phoenix Records.

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