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« Selbstmordbrief » by GOD DEALER - LYRICS

Selbstmordbrief (×8)

All the creatures of the night
They are waiting for my life
I feel the fucking moment I don’t have fucking time.

All the creatures in my mind
They are coming out this night
There's no light in my eyes It is the end my fucking time.

Playing and drinking and taking my soul 
Demons and witches dancing around.
I hate all the motherfuckers in this shit fucking world.

This fucking shit
This fucking life
This fucking world
This fucking time
I smoke weed every time.

Hey (x8)

Lucifer fucking every one like a psycho
Screaming of souls that surround me by night. 
Decapitation of dreams in my mind 
Be certain that hell awaits when you die.

Everybody gonna die (x4).

Killing the noises that fuck with my brain suicide approaches my head.
Writing the last word I’ll ever say put that bullet in my brain.
Fuck you know about pain ?
Trigger motherfucker drops dead 
All you mother fuckers gonna die !

Listen to my synthesizers fucking with your brain.
Now all you crazy motherfuckers drop dead on the fucking ground !

Fucking with your brain
Tortured your soul with my beats.
Now open your mouth and get on your knees
Now listen this song I fuck your soul.

I can't stop I fuck your face 
When I come you are dead. 
Don't fuck come to cry 
I take your soul and your life. 
Now is only dead.

Listen to my synthesizers fucking with your brain. 
Now all you crazy motherfuckers drop dead.
Listen to my synthesizers fucking with your brain. 
Now all you crazy motherfuckers drop dead.

Everybody gonna die (x4).


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Some of The God Dealer's influences : 

Elijah's main influence is Rammstein, while Samael is mainly influenced by Marilyn Manson.

God Dealer has also some similarity with Psychedelic bands like the German/Italian band Santa Hates You.

However God Dealer's philosophy and purpose is to be the revolution of music like a fusion of different genres as Cyberpunk, Industrial, Cyber Goth, Synthwave, Nu Metal, Trap, Goth, Psychedelic, Psytrance and other ones. 

God Dealer's biography :

We are a Dark Trap project, combining elements of industrial music, synth wave, electronic music with trap beats, bizarre and raw lyrics.

God Dealer, founded in October 2019, is composed of Samael and Elijah (also singer and manager of the Dark and Industrial Metal band Akardia)

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