16th JULY 2021

22th JUNE 2021

"Wake Me Up ", super energetic punk-rock song by The Buddha Pests 
spotted on 2 new big playlists Click below !


20th JUNE 2021

"Wake Me Up ", great punk-rock song by The Buddha Pests 
spotted on 4 new big playlists Click below !


17th JUNE 2021

The new psychedelic rock-country & shoegaze masterpiece"Chunka "
by TexMex Shaman has been spotted by playlist curators
and you're very welcome to check them below !

11th JUNE 2021

"Wake Me Up ", alt punk-rock song by The Buddha Pests, is now placed in 2 new awesome playlists. Check them below ! Make your choice between :
  • "Alternative rock & pop @ PurpleMice" by Andrea Pizzo (the song is 17th in about 180 tracks including Depeche Mode, Queen, U2, David Bowie, REM, Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and so on ! More than 2 milliards of listenings !!) 
  • "Never forgot" by Juan Rey, singer composer of Buenos Ayres (the song is 3rd)

10th JUNE 2021

"Wake Me Up ", punk rock song of the pure style by The Buddha Pests (from London) placed in a new playlists ! Click on the left column to listen to the song (ranked 68th) at "The best of week!" or on the right column at "Punk Rock in Exile" (song ranked 13th)

9th JUNE 2021

The masterpiece punk rock song "Wake Me Up " by The Buddha Pests (from London) placed in 3 new awesome playlists !
Check it at  "Underground Rock Worldwide" (song ranked 3rd), "MySphera Music Amazing" (song ranked 5th) or "Indie Rock for your free soul" (song ranked 4th)

6th JUNE 2021

Check the playlist "Best of Newest Songs 2021" (by Eat This Rock) that just placed (9th) the punk rock song masterpiece "Wake Me Up " by The Buddha Pests

5th JUNE 2021


"I was about to make the final version of "Chunka " and then I fell asleep at night with my guitar in my hands and had a dream about the exact part I was working on. I woke up and started recording the 3rd section as if it were already written ! "

"Chunka " is a major psychedelic rock and shoegaze track by TexMex Shaman with almost 7320 views on YT (in only 20 days !!)

You can stream "Chunka " now by clicking on the smart links on the right !

30th MAY 2021

"Wake Me Up" is already a great punk-rock song by The Buddha Pests from London and with the help of every of you this great energetic song with awesome drums and guitars and killer lyrics will become a hit of the genre.

Click on the left link to stream "Wake Me Up" (rank 43th now) in the playlist "adventures in post-punk" (by AnalogueTrash), especially as the song is in very good company with such names like The Fall, The Cramps, Fugazi and so on !

After a successful campaign on SubmitHub, the song got (in 10 notes) an average score of 68/100 (including a perfect 100/100) and some great comments like :

Finally "Wake Me Up" was ranked 24th at the very selective Alt/Indie Top 50 Chart

25th MAY 2021

With "The best of week!" (by MTView Zine) you can stream "Newly ", psychedelic electro-rock single by TexMex Shaman, from a new 8th playlist !

Check it on the right and scroll ("Newly " is at the 38th position)

24th MAY 2021

"Vimana ", last fantastic psychedelic alt country rock by TexMex Shaman from Dallas, is now in the big playlist "Screaming Hearts" (by Rocky) with some famous names like Deftones, Korn or Papa Roach !

Discover or re-discover this psychedelic rock hit (ranked 7 days ago 6th at the Psychedelic Rock Chart (among more than 900 tracks) and 67th at the General Rock Chart (among more than 267.470 tracks) by scrolling the list to the 129th position.

You can also listen to "Vimana " directly on spotify at...

23rd MAY 2021

A 7th important playlist "Contemporary Wave 80" by the taste maker Newpop has welcome "Newly ", psychedelic electro-rock single by TexMex Shaman that you can stream by simply checking these playlists on the left !
Scroll a bit to find the track at the 23th position now

22th MAY 2021

"Fresh Discovery" by Music Lover and "DISCOVERYS" by Fabian are the 2 new big playlists of the day having placed "Newly ", psychedelic electro-rock single by TexMex Shaman that you can stream by simply checking these playlists on the right !

21th MAY 2021

Great result for "Newly " by TexMex Shaman that has just been placed in 2 new playlists : "Enter the world of Psychedelia" by Beat Buzz News and "Songs to be chill" by Francisco Ruiz.

The 2 playlists are on the left so feel free to check them and stream the amazing psychedelic electro country rock "Newly" !

18th MAY 2021

Listen on the right The Buddha Pests song "Temporal Abyss " in the very big Sandvitchus tastemaker's playlist (1261 tracks !) "Stoner Rock & Psychedelic Space Rock".
Like any new song added in his playlist "Temporal Abyss " was added at the bottom and you will have to scroll (!) but this fantastic song will move up the positions !

But you know what ? You can NOW listen to "Temporal Abyss " on Spotify at...

and also on Soundcoud at...

17th MAY 2021

RANKED 6TH after having moved up 7 positions since yesterday (among more than 900 other tracks) at the SoundClick's International Psychedelic Rock Chart, "Vimana " is now one of the best international new Psychedelic Rock track of the year.

Having also moved up 33 positions (among more than 267.470 other tracks !!) to reach rank 67th at the General Rock Chart, it's now a renowed new Rock track.

"Vimana " in the TOP 10 of the SoundClick's International Psychedelic Rock Chart !!!

Click below to Listen now to "Vimana " at Spotify ! 

12th MAY 2021

"Temporal Abyss " got (after a SubmitHub campaign on May 2021) an excellent result of 10 positive notes in 12 including a 100/100 (see comments below)

Today 12th May20th, 2021 "Temporal Abyss "entered directly 19th at the Alternative / Indie Top 50 Chart

9th MAY 2021

Listen on the right TexMex Shaman's song "Newly " in the JPGChief's tastemaker's playlist "Less Than 1,000 Followers!".
"Newly " was added on 11th rank among almost 310 songs !

7th MAY 2021

Listen on the left TexMex Shaman's song "Newly " in the Andrea Pizzo's music fan's playlist "[email protected]".
"Newly " was added on top among some of the greatest names of the genre like Hans Zimmer, Vangelis, Lisa Gerrard, Mike Oldfield, Nick Cave, Jean-Michel Jarre, Queen, David Bowie or The Alan Parsons Project !

5th MAY 2021

Check on the right the excellent result of TexMex Shaman's song "Newly" after a RepostExchange campaign launched on SoundCloud between 30th April and 7th May 2021 

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