"Spinning My Wheels" by SLANT SIX

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Spinning My Wheels (SLANT SIX)

Band : Slant Six
Country : Canada (Edmonton)
Song : "Spinning My Wheels"
Genre : Blues Rock
Released on 6th May 2022


Slant Six, Edmonton band based in Alberta (Canada), created in late 2015, 5 piece band made up of musicians of different musical backgrounds, is influenced by the roots of the blues and the love of rock and roll.

The writing of their songs reflects this love for different styles of music old and new which makes the Slant Six style unique and innovative.
Slant Six is always a pleasure to hear and watch and will leave you wanting more.

With maintaining a #1 standing on the Edmonton Rock Charts on Reverb Nation, Slant Six proudly boasts airplay internationally, and has achieved a top 10 status on Valley FM 89.5 in Australia, Kaos FM 88.2 NZ, Nu Rock radio, Revolution X,  and local airplay on Edmonton 102.3 Now radio, and most recently the new single Getting Out was featured on 100.3 The Bear and reached #1 on Valley Fm 89.5.
Chosen to play the after show at The Monster Truck concert in Edmonton 2018.

Slant Six lets the colors of their influences come through the music they play in a style of their own.

"Song for Tom" by THE BUDDHA PESTS

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Band : The Buddha Pests
Country : Hungary (Budapest)
Song : "Song for Tom"
Genre : Soft Punk Rock
Release date : 17th May 2022


Steeped in a heady intoxicating mix of punk-rock metal psychedelica, The Buddha Pests are here to take your imagination to exciting new places.

The project was conceived in 2006 by singer songwriter Peter Derzbach and since then the band has enjoyed British and European tours with additional successful single, EP and album releases. These releases have been in many formats, including Vanilla Spoon EP on vinyl.

Many international musicians have played with The Buddha Pests over the years, bringing with them their diverse influences and enhancing the colorful soundscape. Originally featuring since 2016 Attila Pal on bass and occasional vocals, and since 2018 Simon Du Toit on additional vocals, the current band's members, besides the leader Peter Derzbach, are Nicola SIMULA on bass and Alessandro FARRONATO on guitar (since September 2020) and Andrew WEBB on drums (since November 2020).

With subversive lyrics floating on sound-waves of rich guitar and bass, listeners will be swept out to the auditory land of The Buddha Pests, only to be swallowed whole by a ferocious metal element fueled by powerful percussion. Their sound has been likened to The Pixies, Queens of the Stoneage, early Radiohead, Foo Fighters, System of a Down, Green Day, Joy Division and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

In 2012 The Buddha Pests twice toured central/eastern Europe and Italy and released a debut video for the single "Why We Have to Go".

Having international roots and recognition, The Buddha Pests have just returned from their UK tour and are currently working on their latest and greatest album.

"Denied" (Radio Edit) by SOCIAL STRIFE

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Denied (Radio Edit) (SOCIAL STRIFE)

Band : Social Strife
Country : Canada (Ajax)
Song : "Denied" (Radio Edit)
(From album "With Friends Like These...")
Genre : Surf Punk Rock
Release date : 13th April 2022

"Misunderstoodby SOCIAL STRIFE

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Misunderstood (SOCIAL STRIFE)

Band : Social Strife
Country : Canada (Ajax)
Song : "Denied" (Radio Edit)
(From album "With Friends Like These...")
Genre : Surf Punk Rock
Release date : 13th April 2022


Social Strife, project formed late 2013 envisioned by Sean 'The Unicron' Strife, is a four piece Hard Rock/Surf Punk Band with Pop sensibilities, showcasing dynamic songwriting and High energy live performances !

Social Strife's main purpose is to fill the void created by synthetic music in a contrived industry. Refusing the buy in/buy up method of corporate pay to play and be the enigma amongst their peers. Become the new standard by which other bands will measure their success. Bring a grinding halt to the over sold predictable fallacy of formulaic music and awaken the zombified industry with raucous honesty and dangerous truth !

Social Strife is the brainchild of Toronto musician Sean Farro, the lead singer and song writer. The epic Rock punk style of the band continues to wave the flag of frustration with “middle-of-the-road play-it-safe "MainSteam Rock bullshit !" Farro continues, "nobody is saying or doing anything worth listening to !" "here’s no danger in rock ‘n roll anymore !"

Social Strife is adamant that "there's little reason to turn the Radio on… with a few  exceptions, particularly with artists that don't get a lot of airplay, it’s all watered down crap !" Social Strife is not afraid to tackle tough social issues in their music, at times, disturbingly insightful, "We're just saying what's on everyone's minds".

Social Strife is well known for their stage antics and high energy live shows. Drawing from their mutual love of big Rock show’s and hook-oriented melodies. They have set out to put the “Strife” back in Rock & Roll ! "Get some Strife in your life !”

"Ghost Loveby Jeff ROBERTS

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Ghost Love (Jeff ROBERTS)

Singer / Songwriter : Jeff ROBERTS
Country : USA (Charlottesville/Virginia)
Song : "Ghost Love"
(From album "Maka Wish")
Genre : Chillout-Lounge Jazz
Release date : 19th April 2022


Jeff Roberts makes Classic Rock, Folk Rock, Funk, Indie...oh let's just say he makes whatever he wants to from the stylistic freedom of his musical lair in Saint Clairity Studios as singer, player, writer and producer. Hopefully you, intrepid listener, will be able to join in these genre leaps with your adventurous ears. There's bound to be something you'll like.

"Some Songsby Frederico SAWABINI

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Some Songs (Frederico SAWABINI)

Singer / Songwriter : Frederico Sawabini
Country : Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Song : "Some Songs"
(From album "Keep Your Eyes Open")
Genre : Pop-Rock
Release date : 15th April 2022


Frederico Sawabini is a songwriter, composer, lyricist, arranger, phonographic producer, pianist and guitarist, author of more than 200 songs in the styles as rock, blues, ballads and Brazilian regional music, cinematic orchestral tracks, among others, with strong lyrics, melodies and remarkable arrangements.
He sometimes sings in duet with his daughter Manuela for producing beautiful romantic songs.
Both voice and instrumental music are excellent material to be used in movies, TV series, games, ads, corporate and personal videos.

His songs and tracks have beautiful melodies, very significant lyrics and strong beats. Their main styles are :

  • Orchestral Tracks : epic, electronic and romantic
  • Songs in English : love pop, rock, blues, soul and hip-hop
  • Brazilian Songs: mpb, rock, blues, romantic, hip-hop and regional (samba, baião, etc)
  • Instrumental Tracks: electronic, romantic, jazz, latin and pop.

Frederico also developed relevant competences to the audiovisual industry, such as focus on customers, focus on results, discipline, commitment with deadlines, teamwork and work on demand.